Message From the President
April 4th, 2015

Fellow LH Owners and Enthusiasts,

The calendar has changed over to April and so many are throwing around that S word – SPRING! That means a few things but most importantly – car season is right around the corner! I know I join many in looking forward to the coming weeks of bringing a winter’s worth of modifications to reality.

If you’re seeing this, you’re on the club’s NEW website! Welcome!! I am personally very excited to see this live and have you all using it. Some key features I’d like to draw to your attention are the translation tool in the bottom right corner, one step membership renewal processing, and current topics in the top scrolling box. In addition to the new site being live, there is a substantially revised back end which now allows the forum, our pictures, and website to be searched more widely. This enhanced search will result in more people finding us.

The countdown has begun; we’re three months away from Carlisle – the club’s biggest meet of the year! The hotel information has been posted and food will be soon. Don’t miss out on the group pricing at the hotel and be sure to sign up early to participate in the food. Let’s start to generate some excitement about this great event and get new people in attendance. I can’t wait to see everyone and share in a great weekend together! Check out all the details here.

We’re one third through the year, leaving us 9 more Ride of the Month (ROM) contests for 2015! Please use the new nomination form to get your favorite rides in the competition. I also want to urge all members to participate in the monthly voting. Our vote counts are not as strong as they can be I’m asking you to help remedy that. This program cannot be successful without your participation.

The current Board of Directors held their annual meeting last month and had a really great conversation. The club is positioned very well for 2015 and beyond. We are all looking forward to continuing to provide the members of the club with a solid foundation and are excited to serve such a great organization. Please find meeting documents here (you need to be an active member of the club to view them).

As shared from the 2015 Board of Directors’ meeting, social media is a big focus of this year. There’s been a huge push to increase our club’s presence and in just a short time we are seeing some outstanding results. It’s a quick, easy, and popular way to keep our club active and current. Please be sure to participate by liking, posting, and following the club if you are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you’ve been reading these messages each month and find yourself continuing to return to the club page and aren’t a member yet, please consider joining us! It’s easy, inexpensive, and opens up some great resources and benefits to you. Please click here to join us! If you know your current membership will be expiring soon, be sure to renew here. You’ll be receiving a reminder just in case you forget to renew!


Keith Jarvis
Club President

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