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Message From the President
September 10th, 2016

Fellow LH Owners and Enthusiasts,

I was outside today executing a small ‘punch list’ of items on both my Ms – wiring a screen, 2 oil changes, and a brake job with 2 new rotors, pads and a new caliper. As I noticed the sun setting closer to dinner time, I began to clean up and noticed something very strange. There were leaves, many leaves that had begun to fall in the slight breeze that were covering the driveway and roofs of the cars. I’m amazed of the mere fact that it’s September. All too soon many of us will be winterizing and ending those wonderful car show days.

There are some exciting new things to share about the Ride of the Month contests. We will be dropping the number of cars per contest from four to three. The winners from the previous year are now eligible to participate instead of having to wait a full year to be a part of a contest again. However, the Ride of the Year winner will not be eligible to be included again for a year. These changes are aimed at expanding the options in which the Ride of the Month Coordinator may choose from to create a competition. Bigger reminders to all members who, as a member benefit, receive free photo storage – post your pictures so we can feature your car in a contest. Find the easy directions here or email them to 300mclub+0000@fotki.com. Make sure you replace the 0000 with your membership number.

As we enter these fall months, it’s time to start thinking about next years’ calendar. For 2016 ROM winners, be sure you are gathering your pictures to submit. Creating the calendar is always something I very much look forward to so I am excited to see the pictures you submit. They will likely be ready for ordering the second week of December – another great holiday gift!

It’s exciting to share that we’ve had many new members join us – welcome! It’s always great to connect with a new member. However, it’s disappointing to say that renewals are down this month. For those with expiring memberships, you will receive a reminder email early in the month that your membership is expiring. At the end of the month, you’ll receive a second reminder that you have expiring. You will also receive a third email a week into the next month letting you know your membership expired and you will be switched to non-member status. Please ensure that there is no lapse in your membership and forum access by renewing your membership before it expires!

It’s nice to begin to reflect on 2016 – the club’s membership has done some new and unique things. A club cruise, fantasy football league, new embroidered merchandise, and a new forum! Wow, what a year – and we’ve still got a few months left.

I know it’s really early in the competition, but I wanted to thank everyone who has been helping me to publicize M-Pressive in the Tuner Battlegrounds contest which would result in a trip to SEMA. There’ve been many posts, reposts, and shares. M-Pressive’s success is in part of your support and encouragement. Thank you and keep up the voting – how amazing would it be for a Chrysler 300M to be a SEMA?!

If you’ve been reading these messages each month and find yourself continuing to return to the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club page and aren’t a member yet, please consider joining us! It’s easy, inexpensive, and opens up some great resources and benefits to you. Please click here to join us! If you know your current membership will be expiring soon, be sure to renew here. You’ll be receiving a reminder just in case you forget to renew!


Keith Jarvis
Club President
Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club
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