2017 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Club Meet Recap

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Check out the recap of the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club’s 2017 Carlisle meet.

Good to see you! When did you get here?! A phrase heard many, many, many times throughout the weekend. All at meaningless times!
How can it be?! Carlisle 2017 is over – it’s almost hard to believe!

Another wonderful meet is in the books!

As always, Thursday holds such excitement! As we all work to convene in Carlisle, it’s a fun and quick drive to meet at the hotel. For Keith and Lindsey a little jaunt through the mountains brought a new 300M into the family. Dave and Cindy (Goofy Sr. and Goofys M) drove into the lot with a new Sebring convertible – what a fun ride! And the Schmoppes (Bill, YardlyBill and family) arrived in a truly new car – his new mean 2017 Charger! What a beaut!! Our annual dinner at Dockside Willies found the group picking up exactly where we left off. Some evening shopping with the wonderful help of the Schmoppes and rendezvous in the parking lot for late night shenanigans.

We woke up Friday morning to a dreary day – it poured much of the day leaving the showfield muddy, flooded, and scarce. Not enough to stop this group of enthusiasts though! Great to see Jamie (RedMax) who is our resident at the showfield as he sleeps in his M! With a fresh pot of coffee made out of the back of M-Pressive, some braved the rain and walked the showfield, others gathered under the tent to hangout. As many itched to clean their rides, Bob (FIREM) claimed it was time to rain again and did so by taking a trip to the washbay. Sure enough, the rain came back! The day went fast but was for sure a wash.

Friday’s dinner, as voted unanimously by the club, was at Fuddruckers in honor of Stan Walker (SWalker). Our makeshift-expanding table was the ingenuity that Stan would have appreciated. We behaved ourselves the best we could – no table dances or anything 🙂 The group gathered in the parking lot to catch-up, checkout cars, and enjoy being together. The group dwindled to the late night crew and Keith (M-Pressive), John, (Beespecial), and Bill (YardleyBill) closed the lot around 2:30am!

Saturday morning didn’t start as early as it has in past years but our orange club shirts made it out in full force. Thankful that Mike (BigMike60) managed an outfit that accommodated the color – sorry to through a wrench into your wardrobe. With the rain moved out and the sun shining, it was shaping up to be a perfect day for a car show.

Through a hot breakfast the group popped in and out to eat in-between cleaning. Mid meal brought us shrieks from Darlene (DDtop) as Bob (FIREM) adjusted his car’s presentation and the breeze took this flagpole inches away from the roof of Keith’s (M-Pressive) car. No harm, no foul. Thank you Stan for catching that one from above!!

After much cleaning from the group they dispersed to view other cars, do the Dodge Ride Along, walk the swap meet, explore the Women’s Oasis, or chill out under the tent. Smiles greeted Ken (KxWarrior), his wife Sarah, and kids as a bonus to see the group. Also great to meet Alex (adu1982) who made the trek from FL with his wife. At lunch we took a group picture with the help of Justin’s (HBK73) extended family. Just in time, literally as we were lining up, Rob (SonicRob) pulled in for to hop in the picture and join the group. It’s a great picture and I look forward to sending a copy to Stan’s wife, Martha, and his son’s restaurant.

A full ladies BINGO game took place mid afternoon and ended with a big surprise back at the tent. As the Carlisle Events team gathered around our tent, we were presented with the Coolest Club award!!! After years of themed events and everyone working extra hard to be creative with taking the theme to the next level, all it took was being the family that we are to win. Saturday late afternoon found us wandering among our club’s car to do our own award voting. There were so many lost looks and comments about how hard it was to make selections among such great rides. Everyone was in the same boat! A quick stop at the hotel and we met in downtown Harrisburg for our annual Firehouse Restaurant club dinner. The best reaction of club awards came from Bryan (300GEM) – his jaw literally dropped!! How awesome to share this President’s Choice Award his first year attending. I think it’s safe to say he and his dad are hooked!

During Keith’s presentation of awards, he laid down a challenge – with so many notable anniversaries for our cars coming up in the next few years, we’re hoping to have a huge meet – 100 cars! Stay tuned for details!!!

Saturday night would not be a club meet without a cake in the parking lot and hanging out. A toast with the Precious (bourbon), a tradition shared on Saturday night for years, in memory of all of those fellow members that have gone before us. A quick trip to McDonald’s by Ryan (Sneke_Eyes) provided a handful of mcflury’s to those most vocal about needing them – Bobby (02SilverSpecial), Ashley (Ashley), and her friend Jess!

Sunday morning was casual and low key as always. People trickled into the showfield while others began their travels home. Carlisle Events posted their awards and our club winners took their rides to the winner’s circle. The parade was slow going as each driver exited their car, some with babies or puppies, for their picture. Our group certainly made a great showing with Scott (IS300M) even driving a stranger’s car as he had two winners and needed a driver. Very trustworthy for sure!

A late lunch for a small group and the worst part of the meet began – the last of the goodbyes! It’s amazing how quickly this meet went! As always it’s wonderful to see everyone, catch-up with each other, and laugh together! Until our next meet, checkout the pictures: here.

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