Carlisle Through The Years

Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club Carlisle Meet Through The Years

Written By: Lindsey Jarvis
Additional Comments By: Keith Jarvis

The Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, PA is the largest event that the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club participates in and is always a wonderful meet for the club. Having participated in this event since 2001, the group has developed many traditions that are still a part of each year.

Sponsored by Carlisle Events, this car show brings together Mopars from across the years and for as far as you can see. Envision fairgrounds covered with rows and rows of every vehicle Mopar (and relative) ever made. Carlisle Events always include a Women’s test, Kid’s tent, vendors, and test drives to keep all entertained. Weather, while not predictable, has included everything from blazing sun to pouring rain and everything in between. Based on the club’s designated parking area, fellow show participants complete ballots to vote on all cars. Carlisle Events sponsors awards for the top three cars in each of these parking sections as well.

Additionally, the 300M Enthusiasts Club sponsors a friendly competition among club cars for a handful of awards. The categories have a large range of criteria and include every car or club member in one way or another. The Stan Walker Memorial Most Cruisin Award is presented to the club member who has traveled the longest distance (in miles) to attend the meet. Most Original celebrates the classic styling and beauty of the LH and is given to the club car that is in superior show room condition. The Big Debut is given to the best first time attendee at the meet. Our annual Saturday night Sight and Sound competition gives members who like to install audio, video, and lighting modifications a chance to really show them off.

Beyond what Carlisle Events offers, the 300M Enthusiasts Club has expanded this event to make it the ‘fully loaded’ meet of the year. As the largest club hosted event, Carlisle is known to members as a true showcase of the club. It is a gathering of fellow members with their rides from hundreds of miles away – international members have been known to also attend! While the main event is a car show, for the 300M Enthusiasts Club, Carlisle is much more of a family reunion. The group offers a club sponsored meal plan for the weekend to allow members healthier and cheaper homemade meal options while at the showfield. Gathering under the tent becomes more of a backyard gathering with casual days spent with fellow members that have transitioned from friends to family. Traditions continue with the annual club awards dinner at the Firehouse in downtown Harrisburg on Saturday night. It has truly become a favorite of many attendees and a part of the weekend that members really look forward to. Of course, each night ends with ‘parking lot shenanigans’ as we gather and unwind from the day.

A true testament of camaraderie, Carlisle becomes a live garage where you will find members ‘wrenching’ in the group hotel parking lot well into the wee hours of the morning. Many modifications and detailing sessions have occurred to club member’s cars and there is always someone around to help execute your idea or talk you through an issue. This meet, where ‘sleep is optional’, is bound to be filled with tons of laughs and good times for you and your family. When the weekend is over, there is no doubt you will be tired but have wonderful memories and leave with a hug until next time! Members often say it only takes one visit to get hooked on the experience and then they come back each and every year there after.

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Don’t take our word for it, here is what club members have to say about Carlisle:

“Every July my family and I look forward to going to Carlisle. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and have a fantastic time. We wouldn’t miss it for anything.” – Willard Hoppe

“Carlisle is getting to spend time with people who are as car-obsessed as you are.” – Matt Gendron

“Carlisle to me is all about having a great time being around great cars and being with friends who have become family.” – Bobby DelPonte

“Carlisle to me is hanging with my second family and having an amazing time. Looking how everyone’s cars have progressed from the previous year, meeting new people and looking at their cars.” – Tyler Campfield

2015 Award Winners
  • Big Debut - Ken & Sarah Wesley
  • Best Engine Bay - Rob Adamowicz
  • Best Rims - Patrick Yorke
  • Sight & Sound - Keith Jarvis
  • Igor Netchaev Commemorative Most Cruisin - Stan Walker
  • Members Choice - Bobby DelPonte
  • President's Choice - Robert Waikel
  • Best Intrepid - Ron DeFoe
  • Most Clean - Dave Wisniewski
  • Most Original - Patrick Rolling
  • Most Custom Interior - Robert Knapp
  • Most Custom Exterior - Bob Day
  • Best in Show - Keith Jarvis

2016 Award Winners
  • Best Engine Bay - John Benjamin
  • Best Rims - Ken Wesley
  • Best LH - Bobby DelPonte
  • Igor Netchaev Commemorative Most Cruisin - Justin Hopkins
  • Members Choice - Keith Jarvis
  • President's Choice - Willard Hoppe
  • Most Original - Reed Miller
  • Most Custom Interior - Robert Knapp
  • Most Custom Exterior - Patrick Yorke
  • Best in Show - Ryan Severance

2013 Award Winners
  • Big Debut - Matt Gendron
  • Igor Netchaev Commemorative Most Cruisin - Stan Walker
  • Members Choice - Scott Geary
  • Sight & Sound - Robert Knapp
  • President's Choice - Chris Carpenter
  • Kid's Choice - Robert Knapp
  • Most Original - Bill Putney
  • Most Custom Interior - Ryan Severance
  • Most Custom Exterior - David Wisniewski
  • Best in Show - Keith Jarvis

2014 Award Winners
  • Big Debut - Rob Adamowicz
  • Best Engine Bay - Keith Jarvis
  • Best Rims - Ryan Severance
  • Sight & Sound - Jason Hoffa
  • Igor Netchaev Commemorative Most Cruisin - Chris Carpenter
  • Members Choice - Lindsey Clarkson
  • President's Choice - Ryan Riley
  • Kid's Choice - Matt Gendron
  • Most Original - John Benjamin
  • Most Custom Interior - Patrick Yorke
  • Most Custom Exterior - Ron DeFoe
  • Best in Show - Justin Hopkins

2011 Award Winners
  • Most Custom - Alan Wittstein
  • Most Cruisin - Stan Walker
  • Members Choice - Cory Grimm
  • Most Clean - Bob Day
  • President's Choice - Tim & Kelly Steward
  • Kid's Choice - Cindy & Dave Cochran
  • Sight & Sound - Keith Jarvis
  • Best in Show - Robert Knapp

2012 Award Winners
  • Most Cruisin - Igor Netchaev (5500 miles)
  • Most Cruisin USA - Stan Walker
  • Most Original - John Benjamin
  • Most Clean - Bob Day
  • Most Custom - Alan Wittstein
  • Kid's Choice - Cindy & Dave Cochran
  • Members Choice - Lindsey Clarkson
  • President's Choice - Tyler Campfield
  • Sight & Sound - Keith Jarvis
  • Best in Show - Cindy & Dave Cochran

2009 Award Winners
  • President's Choice - Bill Putney
  • Most Original - Bruce Slifer
  • Members Choice - Alan Wittstein
  • Most Clean - Bob Day
  • Most Cruisin' - Stan Walker
  • Best in Show - Brian Mays
  • Special Award - Hank Waite (Achieving 500k Miles)

2010 Award Winners
  • Members Choice - Dave McQuaid
  • Most Cruisin - Stan Walker
  • Most Original - Joshua Flinchum
  • Most Clean - Bob Day
  • President's Choice - Bob Day
  • Best in Show - Robert Knapp

2007 Award Winners
  • Most Clean - Stan Walker
  • Most Unique Mod - Derek Bouchard
  • Most Custom - Kumar Iyer
  • Best Custom Interior - Bobby DelPonte
  • Mest Custom Exterior - Dave McQuaid
  • Most Cruisin - Stan Walker
  • Members Choice - Ralph Reitenbach Jr.
  • Best in Show - Bob Day

2008 Award Winners
  • Club Awarded Coolest Hangout by Carlisle
  • Trying to Locate Club Award Winners

2005 Award Winners
  • Most Unique Mod - Trevor Boone
  • Best Custom Interior - Pete Veiga
  • Mest Custom Exterior - Howard Janoff
  • Most Cruisin - Kumar Iyer
  • Most Custom - Kumar Iyer
  • Members Choice - Dave & Cindy Cochran
  • Most Clean - Dave McQuaid
  • Best in Show - Bob Day

2006 Award Winners
  • Trying to Locate

2003 Award Winners
  • Stylin' - John Boudreaux
  • Best Custom Exterior - Fernando Mendes
  • Best Custom Interior - John Wyche
  • High Performance - George Deane
  • Most Custom - George Deane
  • Most Clean - Bruce Slifer
  • Best in Show - Bruce Slifer

2004 Award Winners
  • Members Choice - Trevor Boone
  • Most Custom Exterior - Howard Janoff
  • Most Custom Interior - Pete Veiga
  • Most Custom - Don Scruggs
  • Most Unique Mod - Keith Jarvis
  • Most Clean - Bob Day
  • Most Cruisin - Jay Sauer
  • Best in Show - Keith Jarvis

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