25th Anniversary LH Platform Celebration

Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2018

2018 marks a major milestone for the LH platform – it’s the 25th anniversary!

Together we have kept these cars on the road, looking good, and relevant. As the 300M Enthusiasts Club looks to attend our 17th Carlisle, we hope to do so in significant fashion. We have partnered with Carlisle events to hold our largest event ever. Our goal is 100 members in attendance!!

For those who have not yet attending the annual Carlisle meet, it’s a great family fun weekend. As a large Mopar car show, cars cover the fairgrounds for as far as you can see – old and new! Walk the showfield to check them out or hang at our tent to enjoy the company. The 2018 meet will take place in July on the 13th-15th. Checkout more about the event in the through the years thread here.

A conversation with Carlisle Events has been started and they’re on board for recognizing and celebrating this 25th anniversary as partners! This will likely be the largest celebration for our cars and isn’t something you want to miss. There will be many unique celebrations planned by our club and Carlisle Events. While these are in the planning phase, some of them will rely on the number of cars on attendance. Be sure you don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime celebration of the LH! Please commit to coming and registering early! We need people to sign up and purchase a showfield, it will help us out with Carlisle Events planning.

As you can imagine this large of a celebration will be a large undertaking logistically. We’re starting the conversation to generate excitement and keep the group updated on planning. The Board of Directors will play a major role in creating committees to plan for this large celebration and are happy to have help and input from anyone willing to participate in the planning. Please reach out to any current BOD member to express interest and get on a planning committee. Members will be a major part of the celebration so please keep your membership current and check back frequently for more details. I will continue to be the main point of contact for this meet through it’s completion date in 2018.

Keep an eye out for the sale registration price and more details about attending. The sale usually starts around Thanksgiving and we will post many updates. We will be making a dedicated page on the website for the meet as well and creating some custom banners to promote the event on Facebook and other social media outlets.

We will be doing some special items that will only be available to members of the club! Please keep that membership current or join the club today!

The meet is 10 months away, lots of time to plan and commit to coming. Let’s blow Carlisle Events away with our attendance numbers.

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