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Message From the President
August 2022

Fellow LH Owners and Enthusiasts,

As in years past, the next few Ride of the Month winners were the Carlisle Events showfield winners. It’s an exciting way to showcase the show participant’s selections. Our membership voting will return in October so get your ride and pictures together to join a contest – there’s tons of time!

In a few short months, the club will return to Myrtle Beach for a fall meet. Here’s hoping the weather is SIGNIFICANTLY better than last year! This will be a new event for us to attend so we’ll explore it together. Checkout the info on the forum about event details and as it nears, we’ll firm things up. You can pre-register and save $10! Would love to see more members join us for the fall event – it’s a great way to wrap up the summer!

The Social Media team is crushing their posts as always and it’s so great to have daily interactions with followers. As you’re scrolling through, please be sure to engage – answer the question, comment with your thoughts on the topic, give it a like, add a picture! It’s an important part of staying relevant and capturing new members and your participation is greatly appreciated!

I’d like to thank our membership again for their contributions and help offered to others on our forum. We pride ourselves on being the thought leaders about the LH – together, we do know everything! It’s so great to serve as a resource to others in need and help keep another LH on the road. We all know it’s not easy, but together by sharing our knowledge and resources, we will continue to keep these great cars telling tales of their miles traveled.

Speaking of sharing resources – don’t forget one of the club membership benefits is free photo storage on Fotki! The more you share there, the easier it is for the social medial team to make daily posts and be active. It’s a win-win!!

If you’ve been reading these messages each month and find yourself continuing to return to the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club page and aren’t a member yet, please consider joining us! It’s easy, inexpensive, and opens up some great resources and benefits to you. Please click here to join us! If you know your current membership will be expiring soon, be sure to renew here. You’ll be receiving a reminder just in case you forget to renew!

Keith Jarvis
Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club

Keith Pic     Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club

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