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Message From the President
March 2019

Fellow LH Owners and Enthusiasts,

Is it March that they say – in like a lion out like a lamb? It’s certainly acting very lion-ish so I’m looking forward to a great spring. It’ll be nice to complain about the pollen instead of the snow and ice! All those ‘winter projects’ that have been in the works – now is the time! Soon enough they’ll be spring projects!

We’ve just posted our first Ride of the Month contest for 2019! As always, our early month’s contests are a bit delayed and a few contests get compressed into a shorter time period. This allows for our new Board of Directors to be seated and get plans in place for the year ahead. Keep your eyes out for all these contests which will bring us up to date and thanks for your participation! The 2019 Ride of the Month plaques have been ordered for this year’s winners! Also, be ready for the ROM process to change once the new committee decides the future of the contest. It will be exciting to see the future of this great event! We strive to keep the contest relevant and successful into the future.

Our annual Board of Directors meeting will be held March 23rd. During this time, we will discuss the current club financials, division of responsibilities for all directors, club meets, and new ideas. Keep an eye out for our meeting minutes which will be posted following the call. This meeting paves the way for a successful 2019 for the club which puts us in a great spot for the future.

In just 4 short months, we’ll return to Carlisle, PA to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 300M! We do plan on having some special limited items to celebrate this milestone and look forward to sharing in the celebration with all attending members. Be sure to register your car as soon as you can – it’d be terrible if you missed it! Take a chance and come to a club meet in 2019, you will not regret it. Hotel information is also active and ready for you to make a reservation. Up next, an event logo, food, t-shirts, awards, etc!

Most recently we’ve seen an impressive number of new memberships! A great way to start out the new year! If you’re reading this for the first time and wondering if we’re still here, WE ARE! As a matter of fact, we had 66 new memberships and 225 renewals in 2018 – amazing!! It’s truly remarkable the impact we continue to have on the LH community and how relevant we continue to be. A club membership is the best $14.95 you can spend on your LH. With each passing year, it gets harder to keep these cars on the road. I appreciate each of you for the efforts to do so, participation in the club, and passion you share for these cars!

Don’t forget about our 2019 club calendar which is still available for purchase through Shutterfly. We also have a bunch of really cool club gear available to members of the club. Mug, glasses, bottle openers, and coozies make a great addition to your household. Represent the club wherever you go with some of these items. All proceeds go towards the continued running of the club.

If you’ve been reading these messages each month and find yourself continuing to return to the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club page and aren’t a member yet, please consider joining us! It’s easy, inexpensive, and opens up some great resources and benefits to you. Please click here to join us! If you know your current membership will be expiring soon, be sure to renew here. You’ll be receiving a reminder just in case you forget to renew!

Keith Jarvis
Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club

Keith Pic     Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club

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