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Message From the President
September 2022

Fellow LH Owners and Enthusiasts,

Most months, the 1st catches me by surprise but you’d think after 11 years of writing monthly President’s Messages I’d be more prepared. You’d also think that after so long, I’d run out of things to say but each month a little list of topics to write about turns into a regular message to our membership. So, for the 129th time, here we go!

This time next month there will be a small group of us gathering in Myrtle Beach to check out a new show. It’s a three day show that we will be checking out as a fall event. Would love to have anyone else join us who is interested!! We’re all hoping the weather is significantly better than our gathering last year but know there are shenanigans to be had. Stay tuned for our adventure!

September will recognize our last Ride of the Month winner from the summer’s Carlisle meet. The membership will return to voting for our October winner and bring us through the year’s end. All 2022 ROM winners should be thinking about their calendar pictures as I’ll be asking soon. If snow will be flying soon where you are, get that picture now while you can!

The Social Media team is crushing their posts as always and it’s so great to have daily interactions with followers. As you’re scrolling through, please be sure to engage – answer the question, comment with your thoughts on the topic, give it a like, add a picture! It’s an important part of staying relevant and capturing new members and your participation is greatly appreciated!

Thanks to all who continue to engage with the club’s social media posts. It’s always great to see the likes and comments from you. Keep adding pictures and watch for them to be used in future posts. We appreciate you helping keep this content new and fresh.

I know it continues to get more challenging to keep our cars on the road. With the difficulties in getting quality and reliable parts and the sheer age, it’s really hard. But I’ve got to share, in the past few weeks, I’ve received compliments at two separate occasions about the car. To me, this just continues to confirm that these are timeless body styles, and appealing models. The looks on their faces when I told them the car was a 2002 will never get old. We’re not alone, enthusiasm for these is easy to find!

If you’ve been reading these messages each month and find yourself continuing to return to the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club page and aren’t a member yet, please consider joining us! It’s easy, inexpensive, and opens up some great resources and benefits to you. Please click here to join us! If you know your current membership will be expiring soon, be sure to renew here. You’ll be receiving a reminder just in case you forget to renew!

Keith Jarvis
Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club

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