My Take on the Special – Don Schwartz


I have a history of swapping cars every few years. The last three cars being of the Lexus brand. I have also owned MB, BMW, Saab and a turbocharged Miata. It was my intention to buy domestic this trip and entered the market not entirely sure what I wanted– a sport sedan or SUV. Surfing the manufacturer’s web pages eventually got me to Chrysler but only after a few failed attempts at working the GMC Buypower system.

I went to the Chrysler web page to look at the 300M and found the 300M special. I had not heard of it before. The specifications were an eye opener including fold down rear seats and a huge trunk (ala SUV). Fortunately I found one to look at and test drive in the local dealer inventory. After seeing it and driving it, the decision was obvious. It is now in my garage with 5500 smiles on the speedo. The Chrysler slogan ” Drive = Love” is right on. I feel that old tingle every time we go and I am starting to become partners with the autostick. What a kick!

It is black with side air bags and sunroof. I have added a wood trim kit to the console, hood bra, trunk liner and tinted the windows. The rear has been debadged. I modified the 300M badge from the trunk by removing the 300 and adding it to the dash above the glove compartment. The Zaino polish system has it shining! I’m still looking. This car BEGS to be customized!

It has had one minor problem with the stitching coming loose on the front seat cushions. (about the same place on each cushion) This was taken care of perfectly by my five star dealer. The dealer has been another pleasant surprise. I was expecting a real difference after the Lexus. When I was looking at buying the trunk tray the parts guy took me out and showed me one in his own ’00 300M. I have had one service visit for oil, filter and tire rotation. They have been equal to the task. The icing on the cake is the 300M Club. I never found a Lexus Club to share ideas, help and just have fun with either! I expect the only thing to move me now might be the Pacifica!

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