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 #395101  by CTexter
So my wife has been driving my 01 300m for a good while now, it's at 240,000 miles. Lately been tackling a few issues related to a p0300, p0175, it misfires noticeably at idle. I've installed a new ntk bank 1 upstream o2 and installing new ntk bank 2 upstream today or tomorrow. New PCV Valve/hose a few weeks back. Today wife drives car to work and at a stop light (25mph congested), the brake pedal AND acceleration pedal she said got HARD, would hardly brake, and engine would not react to acceleration, she sees oil light turn on, oil is not low. she cuts car off and turns back on, engine light still on, oil light gone, car works normally. She is parked in town, this is going on right now, will update with more, but what's going on?
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 #395102  by FIREM
Floor mat not under the pedals is it???
Air Cleaner last serviced & ok?
Throttle Body / IAC Last cleaned & serviced.
Hard gas pedal from sticking throttle body, low vacuum from insufficient air flow (p0175 Rich fuel mixture) Could contribute to low idle oil blinking and hard brake pedal.
Things I would look at first.
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 #395103  by CTexter
I'll take a look at the throttle body. How do I service the air cleaner?

thank you
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 #395104  by FIREM
Replace if paper element or clean and re oil if a K&N