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 #394946  by Nick82
Hello all

My transmission has a leak and I’ve been putting in a quart of fluid every 2 to 3 days. Haven’t had the time to try to actually fix it. Today I was driving and it went in to limp mode, which has been an issue since I got the car, but usually I can put it in park, shut it off, restart it and it’s fine. Today it wouldn’t come out of limp mode and then I saw my speedometer isn’t working.

Any ideas?
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 #394947  by M-Pressive
You need to figure out why it is dumping fluid.

You may have run it low enough that it damaged something.
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 #394948  by EasyRider300M
If the speedometer wasnt indicating your speed and tranny went into limp mode, then most likely it's a bad transmission output sensor. Replace output sensor on exterior of transmission (a very easy replacement) and that issue may be resolved. But get that leak diagnosed and fixed asap.

There is a detailed step by step description with pictures on how to change the output sensor in our Knowledgebase forum. You have to be a paid member to access it. Lots of other repairs that may be needed on our Ms are in the Knowledgebase. Membership is just $15 for the first year and $10 for each additional year. It is best investment you can make in maintaining your M. I've been a paid member for over 20 years.
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 #394961  by Nick82
Yeah I thought the speed sensor could be the culprit. Planning on buying one and replacing it this weekend, which leads me to my next question…. It seems like every parts store has 2 of each brand that will both fit my vehicle and one is about $10 more than the other. For instance they list a duralast for $30 and then another duralast for $20 and both fit my vehicle… what is the difference between the two?

And yes I know I need to figure out the leak and fix it asap. Just have very little time and money to work on the car. And yes I know I’m spending more in the long run on fluid than what the repair would probably cost but it’s easier to come up with $12 every few days than an unknown higher amount all at once. And I depend on this vehicle to get back and forth to work so can’t just wait and save money. Rock and a hard place situation…
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 #394962  by Nick82
Also thanks for the advice!

The car has a few other costly issues, so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have her, but what I would like to do is keep her as a project car to fix up when I do have the time and money. I’ve had it about 6 years now and we’ve been through a lot together lol. Lots of blood, sweat and tears put into keeping this thing going over the years, and this forum has been a huge lifesaver many times in the past. I’ll shamefully admit I was a lurker, searching for a problem I was having and looking through old posts for the info. Recently I made an account so I could ask a question from the amazing people here. If I end up keeping the car I will definitely get a paid membership to help myself out with more detailed stuff, and to give something back to the place that has helped me so much
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 #394963  by Nick82
Ok just realized one is an input and one is an output. And you already told me I need output. :lol:
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 #394964  by EasyRider300M
The output sensor is easier to replace than the input sensor. It's rearward on the transmission on the outer edge if my memory serves me right. There are pictures and a description of replacement in the Knowledgebase.
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 #394969  by EasyRider300M
If you become a paying member, here's what you can access in the Knowledgebase part of the forum. Lots of repair step by step procedures. Well worth the price of admission.

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 #395145  by Nick82
Ok so I changed the output sensor and it worked for a day then the next day when I started it the speedometer started going up and down while I was in park, then stopped working and went into limp mode again. Should I try changing the input sensor too or is it an electrical issue? Bad wiring? Bad sensor? Computer? Also can’t figure out where it’s leaking tranny fluid. Don’t see any leaks anywhere… anyone have any ideas?
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 #395148  by FIREM
1)Common fluid loss is from transmission cooler and or lines. Especially where the hard lines connect to rubber line.
2) Chrysler sensors in general need to be replaced with genuine OEM Mopar parts. Aftermarket tend to not last or work well. ( example OEM Cam sensor will pick up 7grams, aftermarket only 3grams. Poor magnesium from new)
3) Speedo “wagging” when not moving is typical of electronic noise. Most commonly caused by poor grounding. Disassemble and clean every ground connection. Lastly have the alternator tested, on car, for excessive ripple.
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 #395152  by In-trepid
FIREM wrote: March 3rd, 2024, 7:46 am
2) Chrysler sensors in general need to be replaced with genuine OEM Mopar parts. Aftermarket tend to not last or work well. (example OEM Cam sensor will pick up 7grams, aftermarket only 3grams. Poor magnesium from new)
Bob, can you explain 7 grams vs 3 grams? What is being measured? Having a background in electronics and hall effect sensors, I have never heard the term of grams when measuring this type of sensor.
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 #395155  by FIREM
Large paperclips are 1 gram each by weight.
Mopar sensor picked up 7 consistently, aftermarket 3. More sensitive than measuring ounces.
May not be a scientific formula however is an observable fact.
Magnetic strength directly related to sensor signal strength and gap for Hall Effect or MPU.
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 #395156  by In-trepid
Thanks Bob. I now understand the rationale in grams.
 #395180  by Nick82
Thanks I’ll look into these potential solutions. Really appreciate it!