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 #395932  by LincolnSlinger
My Y2K 300 M only has 47K miles on it and I wasn’t going to give up on it due to a sticking shifter lever. This problem got progressively worse in the past month, so I took it to a mechanic nearby who said he could not locate a replacement part because it was obsolete. First thing I did was go on YouTube and found somebody who had a problem, exactly like I was having. This Gentleman sprayed WD-40 into the boot and worked it until it was nice and loose. He said there was corrosion and rust on the actual cable itself but the WD-40 cleaned it up so I had my mechanic try that this afternoon. It solved it!
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 #395934  by LUNAT1C
We've seen that video, it was posted here a long ways back.

I'd be curious to see if the "fix" has stuck around WD-40 isn't a lubricant and likely isn't cleaning away that corrosion, so I suspect the issue will return and the ultimate fix is to replace with a newer cable from 02-04, which may also necessitate replacing the shifter assembly to that same year. Supposedly how it it mounts under the console changed.
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 #395935  by FIREM
While that may help for a while the real problem is the outer sheath of the assembly is compromised.
The plastic sheath cracks and allows moisture to enter and rust the metal jacket
I always check cars on the yard and have a spare in stock ( not for sale ).
I have harvested and sent at least 4 to folks in need.
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