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 #310207  by JimJ1485
This morning my dear wife took the car to work. She noticed a severe bucking and engine light came on. I checked code and P0339 came up. I went to dealer and bought new cam sensor. Reset by disconnecting battery. Code did not come back and car runs fine. Could this be a cause for the 50 mph to 65 mph rubble I get under load? is there a procedure for install of the sensor in knowledgebase. I did search but not very successful.
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 #310209  by Igor V Nechaev
P0339 points to crank sensor
P0339 Chrysler Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Intermittent

IMO, intermittent crank would cause bucking
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 #310217  by SpeedBallDEVIL
cam sensor is right in front under the plenum. Some say you can wiggle it out of place but others have to loosen up the plenum to get the sensor out. You can remove the front three brackets and the two at each side of the plenum. That should be enough to help you out. If not there are 7 bolts down the center of the intake that can be loosened up also.
 #310220  by JimJ1485
Great members of knowledge! Is it the Cam or Crank sensor I should change? Maybe just do both to be sure? Is there another possibility?
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 #310222  by 300maximilien
I would check the wire harness and connection first and then go from there
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 #310428  by JimJ1485
disconnected battery and reattached. codes disappeared so did bucking. I bought a new cam sensor, but did not install. waiting on next event.
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 #310429  by 300maximilien
You mean Crank Sensor....right?
 #310433  by JimJ1485
Probably should be a crank sensor. Bought a cam sensor. If problem comes back I'll get the crank sensor. I assume the problem will re-occur.
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 #310443  by FIREM
Take a look at all wiring connections and GROUNDS after the engine install. It is easy to miss a ground or two that can make all the difference in throwing codes.
Make sure all plug in connectors pass the "ten pound pull test". Should be able to pull about that hard on any connection without a problem.