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  • Join us for an amazing weekend of food, fun and family in a location to be determined!
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Join us for an amazing weekend of food, fun and family in a location to be determined!

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 #394975  by M-Pressive
The show we went to last year is no longer an option.

It moved to the Daytona beach area after a dispute with the local club in Myrtle.
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 #394976  by FIREM
Been watching this for a while. Last year organizers moved to Florida and had plans to transfer the gathering to a local group. That fell thru for Myrtle. Supposedly there will be Mopars at the Beach in Daytona FL.
I’m hoping another organizer will pick up a Mopar show in Myrtle.
Will be in contact with Run to the Sun promoter to see if that have any plans.
Stay tuned
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 #394977  by First Lady
Thanks for posting Keith...we talked about it and I kept forgetting to post it.
We know all too well that car clubs that are 'real' in terms of financials and such are hard to manage. It's not a free for all with decisions, there are operating procedures, bylaws, and rules to follow. When you're not willing to follow these, it's often the end.
We'll have to find something else this fall - all ideas welcome!
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 #394988  by LUNAT1C
That's a bummer, but it won't stop us from attending a fall meet down that way. Hopefully Bob's inquiry leads somewhere, but we're up for anything if it means spending time in the south with fa"m"ily!
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 #394989  by In-trepid
It might be a good time to start thinking seriously about reviving the Indy meet. While not a fall event, it is still an opportunity to get people together for a weekend.
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 #394995  by First Lady
Indy continues to be something that is a yearly decision by many who express interest. In the past years it’s been very small and proven difficult for many reasons.
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 #395000  by LUNAT1C
It seems like Indy was always mainly possible because of local support, which we all wish for totally unrelated reasons we still had.

Doesn't mean it can't be done, it's just going to be logistically much more difficult than it used to be.
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 #395109  by FIREM
Fall Meet News potential.
Has stepped up to host n event in Myrtle Beach. Proceeds donated to various on-profit organizations.
Just received a Donation Request at the museum
October 16-19 @ Horry Georgetown Technical College that happens to be located about 2 miles from “The Days Inn South”
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 #395131  by First Lady
Sounds like the OG Morpars at the Beach may take place in FL. Nice to have options here!
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 #395140  by LUNAT1C
Either location is good for me. SC is still somewhat on the way to Daytona with an eastern jog off of 75-S. Daytona is a good excuse to head a bit further south to the Port St. Lucie area to see my parents before or after. Historically we've just driven past Daytona or stopped for lunch on family trips from NJ to south FL, never really stopped in and I don't what is there other than the speedway.

Naturally, Myrtle Beach is also a very good and central-ish location for all of us who plan to attend, with some great scenic driving through VA and the Carolinas, or through KY and TN depending on which part of the Appalachians we traverse.
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 #395662  by First Lady
Seeing some exciting movement with Mopars At The Beach In Daytona, FL. Oct 1-5. They’re actively posting about plans and just added two hotels. I think it’s something Keith and I will plan to do. I can look into lodging for the group if others want to come. Let me know sooner than later!!
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 #395663  by LUNAT1C
I'm interested! Like I mentioned earlier, I can take some extra time to visit my parents in Stuart, though they would be at least a day trip being 2.5 hours south.