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Discussions about the new Chrysler Crossfire

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 #41493  by McFarland2003
 May 1st, 2003, 8:25 am
I do not understand why DC would bother to design a hot looking car like the Crossfire, and then only give it 215 HP. :stupid They did the same thing with the Sebring. Hot design but underpowered. One would think that DC would want to sell an affordable sports car that more people would enjoy to own and drive. Chrysler has needed to do this ever since they stopped selling the Stealth. I've seen only four Vipers on the street since they were first introduced. With a design like the Crossfire, I'm not interested unless it has 260 HP and a good amount of torque minimum. Why spend the money for a hot looking car, that only looks good while parked? The Infiniti G35 coupe has 280 HP and handles great. Any chance that DC will put a supercharger on the Crossfire?McFarland2003
 #41494  by adaptabl
 May 3rd, 2003, 11:03 am
Mercedes engineers took one look at the 2.7 with the pan removed and went to there parts bin to find a good engine. They couldn't make it too good, so they used the 225HP 3.2. No way were they going to put that 2.7 in there 7 year old CLK chassis with a new skin. Must keep the breed pure for the fatherland.