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Discussions about the new Chrysler Crossfire

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 #41741  by 426hemiowner
 September 30th, 2004, 9:21 pm
A couple of weeks ago I went to a Mercedes test drive event near DC. I drove the 05 SLK 350. It is fast and handles great also. Even though the 05 SLK is all new it made me want to go test drive a Crossfire. Tonight I drove a used 04. For the price the Crossfire I feel it is a nice sports car. The upcoming SRT6 with a supercharger will make it even better. If i had to replace my Firebird in the near future, the Crossfire is what I would replace it with.
 #41742  by Blonda
 October 1st, 2004, 2:49 pm
Was it the "Love Mercedes Tour"? I went to the one in San Diego. It was great they let you abuse those $90K cars (I drove the SL500 several times). I had the same thought...the SLK was a fun car. Imagine what the SRT-6 would be like--it's a slightly detuned SLK AMG. I like the looks of the Crossfire convertible too. I may be in the market for something "fun" in about a year when I turn the keys of my M over to my son. I was very disappointed though to learn the SRT-6 would not have the manual transmission option. That is one of my "must haves."