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 #351006  by 300M-Mike01
Wow! That's an awesome build. I've been thinking about a turbo set up. This may be my motivation!
Very very nice!!!
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 #354974  by TrueBlue
Any update to this? Add a little psssssh psssssh to your morning!
 #395442  by JohnnyP
I've had an Intrepid since 2000, added an '03 300M six months ago, always wanted one.

Please understand, I joined the 300M club because I love the car, not to sell a product. It just so happens that detonation and knock control have been my life since 1980, when Shirley and I formed J&S Electronics.

I was an aerospace technician for twenty years and in 1980 I turbocharged my wife's Fiat 131 sedan. Shortly afterward I learned about detonation.

While at Hughes Aircraft I started dabbling in automotive electronics, first building a water injection system called the Injectamatic. At the time, Spearco (George Spears) had the Injectronic, and Edelbrock had the Vara-Jection. I thought Injectamatic was schlockey in a kind of cool way, so we trademarked it.

Then I started playing with ignition timing, designing and building boost retard ignitions in my spare time. Shirley and I sold a couple hundred as a sideline in the early '80's, mostly through AK Miller Enterprises and also through Kas Kastner's "Arkay" turbo company. In 1983 Carter Carburetor came out with a knock sensing ignition called the EKE (electronic knock eliminator), so I killed my boost retard product and focused on knock sensing.

In 1989 I was laid off from Hughes. By that time I had a system that worked better than the Carter unit, and I was selling knock sensor ignitions to Dinan Engineering, for their BMW turbo kits. This was an analog system, but I had designs to go digital, with individual cylinder knock retard.

We released the SafeGuard Knock Controller in 1991, for distributor ignition, featuring individual cylinder knock retard, constant energy dwell control, and a soft touch rev limiter.

In 2007 I released a version for direct ignition and so called "dumb coils", called the Vampire, and in 2009 a version for direct ignition with so called "smart coils" called the Interceptor.

I have a few educational videos on my youtube channel.