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 #388753  by FIREM
One more "Mod" to add to the list.
With the brutal heat and humidity and "Heat Index" of 108 it was bring the cars into the dining room or "Chill" the garage. 12000 BTU Mini Split cools and will heat if needed.
Couple of hours to install, vacuum the evaporator and lines, release the pre charge from the outside unit and chill!.
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 #388754  by M-Pressive
I bet that feels good!
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 #388760  by First Lady
Given the last 4 days or so with temps feeling well over 110 degrees, I bet you're loving it!!!!!!
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 #388764  by LUNAT1C
I've been considering something like that, but we only get a few days a year of 90+. Other Michiganders melt... I'm just fine crawling under the car... it's getting heat in the winter that is the real difficulty! May one day have an electrician run a 220 line out to the garage or see if we can add on to the dryer feed on the other side of the back wall to add a heater... maybe...
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 #388776  by Sneke_Eyez
I've got heat in my garage but no cooling! Looks like a good idea, Bob! Impressed you did it yourself - I've heard it isn't too bad of a job to do but not sure I'd attempt it.
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 #388782  by LUNAT1C
My main issue with doing that is the outside unit. Right now I have nothing on that side of my house other than the dryer and fireplace exhaust vents, and the garbage/recycle can paver pad I installed with some decorative fencing. HOA hasn't said anything about that can pad and likely won't but a minisplit outside unit might raise questions, along with the large pipe that connects it. I have no shrubs to hide it and it's all shade there.
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 #388973  by FIREM
Interesting that we moved south into "Hurricane Territory" and our "old" home is directly in the area of the Ida devastation. We were on high ground but the surrounding areas get whacked big time by the big storms.
Didn't even get rain here in SC
Family all goo "up north" and I checked in with Clarence and Stephany and they are OK too.
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 #388974  by LUNAT1C
I checked in with the Hoppes and Armentrouts, everyone is OK. I heard Flemington more than once on the news, but it was nothing like Mullica Hill. With family now near Camp David for my cousin’s wedding and my family in Watertown just had a few scares with patio furniture moving around and found a new leak in one of their windows over the upper deck of the shore house. Otherwise all good.

7 recorded tornadoes in NJ. Michigan had 3 a few weeks ago, one very close to our house, but Michigan is the top of tornado alley. Interesting weather we’re having.
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 #389101  by FIREM
Some cool stuff happens in South Carolina.
SpaceX Launch was visible as it passed over our complex.
Then a few days later this view from our back yard!
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 #390015  by FIREM
FIREM wrote: January 17th, 2020, 8:29 pm We are officially official South Carolina residents since noon today. Unloaded essentials from FIREM so we a can live here on air mattresses for now. Unfortunately worldly goods do not arrive until Tuesday 1/21 but we will survive. Mr President please update our address to 8204 Eastwind Ct. Myrtle Beach SC 29759
Hard to believe TWO YEARS have gone by, feels like yesterday!!!!!
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 #390020  by LUNAT1C
I was just thinking the other day, two years since our closing is coming up beginning of April. I'm avoiding looking at receipts to see how much we've put into updating our house and doing the maintenance the previous owners didn't do (which our neighbors shared in on Xmas eve with the large double oak between our driveways FINALLY coming down!). It was right about this time two years ago our realtor started sending us MLS listings and we started looking right after our anniversary vacation to Key West, last trip before the world upended itself.
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 #390027  by First Lady
So exciting!!!! We were just saying how it’s almost been a year for us. Love this!!! Who’s next?!?!
 #390036  by 00R/T
First Lady wrote:So exciting!!!! We were just saying how it’s almost been a year for us. Love this!!! Who’s next?!?!
I’m definitely still heading south, I’m just not 100% sure if it’s still going to be SC. My girlfriend’s family is in LA, so things are a bit more complicated. We’re thinking maybe somewhere in the middle, like GA.

It’s only mid January and I’m already so over the cold and snow.