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 #375721  by EasyRider300M
 September 19th, 2018, 6:20 pm
Fellow Club Members:

Here is the place to tell us how this club and its members have benefited you...maybe you gained knowledge from members on this board or developed personal friendships or received hands on help from other members. Perhaps a member has sent you a needed part at a reasonable cost. Perhaps you find a benefit by the camaraderie at one of the several meets the clubs hosts.

Here is a topic in which you can publicly acknowledge and thank a fellow member who has helped you keep your car repaired or modded and has contributed in some ways to make your owning and maintaining your LH vehicle easier and more enjoyable.

I hope this topic will be a popular place to tell other members the benefits you have found from being a dues paying member of this fine club or a place to thank a specific member for his advice or hands on assistance.

If you are reading this topic and not yet a club member, perhaps this topic will show you the value of becoming a dues paying member.
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 #375723  by First Lady
 September 19th, 2018, 7:13 pm
For me, it's the personal relationships! Heck, my wedding pictures include two club member groomsmen and a line up of LHs in front of our venue! We've vacationed with members - we cruised the Caribbean! I've stayed many nights at member's homes, met their children, grandchildren, and parents. They're gone out of their way to sit in hours of traffic when I was in town for work so we could have dinner together, stayed in town following a wedding to tour our city, and extended their friendships to my parents. They've planned surprises behind my back, stayed at my home, worked on my car, and helped me through recovering from my accident.

Keith and I have a very small blood-family, so it's amazing to have this group to help fill in gaps!! Nothing but love for this group!!
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 #375724  by EasyRider300M
 September 19th, 2018, 7:14 pm
I want to thank the following members for helping me keep my M on the road and contributing to the satisfaction of my owning the 300M (this is my second M).

Ken (Falken): Ken supplied a needed hood and under hood frontal cross piece. Not only did he supply these parts at a reasonably cost, he installed them expertly and quickly.
Thank you Ken

Ryan (SnekeEyez) : Ryan, our club vice president, gave me needed roadside assistance in extricating my car when I inadvertently went beyond a concrete parking stop and locked up my front bumper. I had called AAA and the person who showed up told me he couldn't do anything for me unless I just backed out and tore off the bumper and then he would tie it up for kind :roll:
Thank you Ryan.

Keith (M-Pressive) : Keith, our club president, not only supplied a timing belt cover at reasonable cost, but delivered it to my mechanic. My car was in the shop for radiator replacement and timing belt service.
Thank you Keith.

Several members have supplied requested parts such as headlights, razor star wheels, a climate control display, RB1 radio, wheel center pieces, visor clips and much more. A deceased past well loved member, Stan, located a needed rear seat back, packed it up and shipped it to me and charged me only his cost. Thank you Stan

And one past member (Dszalay) even sold me the car I am now driving, my 300M Special, at a very reasonable below book value price. I took a bus from MA to NJ to buy the car and then drove it home.

The past and present members of the board of directors (I was a director in 2006) have helped make this club enjoyable and healthy. I have no doubts that this club will still be viable for many many years and will continue to give our cars positive exposure to all car enthusiasts out there.

I have been a member of this fine club for over 17 years and I really don't believe I would still be owning and driving a 300M if not for this club and its fine members. Many members of this club have contributed in making my 300M ownership an enjoyable experience . Not only is this a fantastic car, this is a fantastic club with many many outstanding helpful and friendly members.

If you are reading this topic and not yet a club member, perhaps this topic will show you the value of becoming a dues paying member.
 #377803  by dcsally97
 February 14th, 2019, 7:49 pm
Steve, this is a great thread, so I will start by thanking you. Where to go from there....sheesh so many thank you's. I will start with the club founding members, without them and current Director's we wouldn't be replying to this post. Keep up the great work!! Keith and Lindsey, you guys do such an awesome job that thank you just isn't enough! Ryan, always there to give some advice. Bob, Mr. scan tool, knowledgebase and great guy. To the Robert's (you know who you are), always there to give tips and experiences. John Smith, Clarence, Alex and any one else that I have sourced parts from, thank you very much. My M is now "M"ine because of your help. I'm sure that I am forgetting many others, so please forgive me. This club is such a great thing! I am eagerly anticipating Carlisle 2020 and seeing everyone again. I will also throw out a thank you to those who traveled a great distance to Carlisle 2018 (Remi, Ed, Justin and others). It was great to meet all of you, and I hope to again next time.
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 #377836  by LUNAT1C
 February 18th, 2019, 10:24 am
The benefits of the Club to me range from massive savings on work done to my car to keep it on the road (measured in the thousands at this point), to the expertise available almost anytime, to buying parts and even a whole car from members (promise it will be driven this year!), and especially to the extension of family. Club meets are some of my most looked-forward-to times of the year mainly to be with the family I wish I could see much more often.

The members I could list is extensive and would take an eternity, but if we've met, I'm happy we did.
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 #377845  by In-trepid
 February 18th, 2019, 4:55 pm
I love reading these posts. I would like to add to it, but my feeling is the same as the previous posters have mentioned. I haven't met a person in the club that I didn't like or that seemed not to care about my problems and concerns. The advice is top notch and the people a notch higher than that. There are just too many people to call out for all of the great information that they have given me and their contribution to the club, so as not to miss anyone I'm not going to name names. You know who you are. I would like to give a special shout out to the club officers and Board of Directors over the past couple of years. You make the club and the culture what we have come to expect as normal, but it is anything but normal. It is exceptional! I am going to mention one person who I took under my wing and have been mentoring for the past year and a half. That is Amber Vaughn. Amber has become a friend from a distance and has grown so much in her knowledge of LH cars and her vision to keep the club moving forward. It's always nice to see people so energetic about the club and to start to give back when they reach a certain point. This year Amber has joined the Board of Directors and I couldn't feel more proud. It has become a friendship that I'm sure I will treasure for a long time! I ask that everybody keep up the good work, the friendship, the knowledge sharing, and the concern for others. I consider this a group of my best friends even though we only see each other occasionally.
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 #377848  by FIREM
 February 18th, 2019, 7:20 pm
Truly enhanced my life and fulfill bucket list items just by being a member here. No way I could list and thank individuals without fear of missing someone. Founding "fathers" would be a start for having the vision to set "this thing of ours" up in a way it would last far into the future. viewtopic.php?f=61&t=20314
Family, friends, (adopted a few more "kids" ) guests in our home, great times, (with more to come) travel companions, life time memories, mentors, advisers, car cruises, sea cruise, the list is endless for ten bucks a year !
Oh and that bucket list! :thebar
As a kid, the mythical place called "Carlisle" been there, done that, got awards, and going back annually :headbang
Being is a wedding party (and not being one of the financial contributer$ of the event) :headbang
"All roads lead to Indy" , being an Indy car fan as a kid, never dreamed I would get there let alone actually drive my car on the track :headbang
Thank You to ALL Fellow MeMbers, past present & future !
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