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 #395917  by TrepKing95

In celebration of all LH platform models, and of new members with great passion for the vehicles, we're thrilled to announce the May, 2024 Ride of the Month winner, John Pizzuto!

Johnis one of our newer members, with a clear dedication to keeping his 2003 300M very well maintained! John has recently had many repairs performed to his steering, suspension, and brakes to make sure his car is road safe and enjoyable to drive for many years to come!

Name: John Pizzuto
Forum Name: JohnnyP
Member Number: 2938
Location: Garden Grove, CA
Car Specifications: 2003 Chrysler 300M in Steel Blue Metallic


Let's all congratulate John on winning the May Ride of the Month! His beautiful 300M will be featured on the May, 2025 page of our club calendar.

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 #395919  by LUNAT1C
Congrats John! It's been a pleasure seeing you bring the car back up to snuff so it can be enjoyed for many more years to come!
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 #395922  by First Lady
Congrats John!! Exciting to see another member have such success.
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 #395924  by M-Pressive
Congrats John!

Welcome to the club.
 #395925  by StealthM
Congratulations, It's nice seeing a well kept M. Love the color...
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 #395927  by In-trepid
Congratulations John. I love your dedication to perfection and making your LH car the best that it can be. Welcome to the club and now you get a spot in next year's calendar. Also, you are one of the few west coast members of the club. Hoping you can help us grow that membership in your area.
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 #395963  by Sneke_Eyez
Welcome to the Club, John - and welcome to Ride of the Month! Great to see your car featured!
 #396104  by JohnnyP
Thanks guys, I just received my Ride of the Month plaque from Jarvis. Very cool. :)

I think I cleared up the last of my suspension/steering issues. My new tires came with 36psi in them. That was an easy fix.

Next thing is the paint. It was gorgeous when I got it last November, but then I drove it from SoCal to Tacoma and back for Christmas and now the hood and front fenders are pockmarked with stone chips, etc. And the more I look the more I find on the rest of the car, so I may have it repainted.
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