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Discussions on suspension & steering repairs or upgrades.

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 #395565  by rustybronco
04879427AB is the P/N on the steering rack out of a 2002 300M Special I just pulled.

VIN says the car is equipped with the SBP - STEERING - PERFORMANCE just the same as my '03 Special. I've been unable to cross reference the tag on the gear to make sure it's an SBP gear. The gear looks original to the car. so I'm almost certain it's the correct gear. The one in my '03 Special has no tag and I'm 90% certain it's been replaced as evidenced by the missing P/N tag, black painted right and left turn lines and the black paint covering the gears bellows.

The second to last owner liked to mark each item with the date replaced and the persons initials who worked on it. (He was a shop teacher) The gear in my '03 has a date marked on it from '10 with his initials. Could be a factory replacement gear, could be a bone yard pull. No way of knowing what it is so out she comes.

Any help you may be able to provide would be appreciated.