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  • 2004 300M hood and grille needed as close to the Detroit area as possible

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 #395950  by DetMatt1
I had a little accident and I’m determined to fix it even though the insurance company totaled it.
I’ve found everything but these 2 items, the hood is the main thing and it must be rustfree and straight.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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 #395954  by LUNAT1C
I have a few grilles in stock, but they're far from perfect. No hoods though, every one I've found in local yards has been trashed. Only Concordes and a few Intrepids showed up at the u-pulls in Pontiac and Sterling Heights today.

I'm in Waterford.
 #396180  by rustybronco
2001 300M in silver at the Sterling heights pick and pull. Clear on hood is delaminating. I don't think the hood had rust issues. I have a better look at it today.
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 #396201  by rustybronco
I missed looking at it yesterday but took a good look at it today. The hood is in good shape with only minor rust on the right side pinch weld nearest the windshield. By minor I do mean minor. There was also a little bit of rust around one of the underside cutout openings. A wee bit of sanding before priming should take care of the issue. Thinking long and hard about buying it myself.

The deck lid is also nice. I can't speak towards any surface defects on either the hood or deck lid as they would need to be washed before being inspected. I doubt you will find much if any surface defects on either.

The car appears to be a Florida car at one time as evidenced by the license plate that was in the glove compartment. The underside of the vehicle although damaged from the pick n pull yard? is mostly rust free. The fuel lines are clean. Brake lines serviceable. Interior was in fair to good shape. Crap like the left inside door handle that was broken and the left door trim panel had a small crack/bruise. Coffee spills alongside the sides of the floor console not that that matters. Dash was in great shape so I decided it best to give it a new home.

Vehicle has 94.672 miles on it. Engine suffered from neglected oil changes. The underside of the passenger side valve cover shows a moderate amount of sludge. The rocker arm assemblies are yellowed with varnish. The oil filter media was rather crispy and torn in two places. As I said, neglected oil changes and or not replacing the filter with each oil change. 95K miles in 23 years? short trip driving mostly? dunno. Engine oil was dirty but devoid of metal as was the oil filter. Decided to take a chance on it. Re-homed it today. Vehicle has an engine oil cooler which will be removed. Trans fluid was clean. P/S fluid not so much. Car was a donation, no keys. Rodent damaged wires under hood.