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 #124015  by r0meo021
Someone needs to find out where they are campaigning. ALL of the showdowns Skyler was winning just FLIPPED BADLY!

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 #124020  by kumiyer
they just have good contacts + rice police's wife might have told people to vote for our oponents. Its super hard to win carster of the month if you are a guy and bikinis dont look good on you. hahahahaha

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 #124031  by velobard
kumiyer wrote:just make sure that we still talk to rice police politely. He and his wife are admins of various car clubs- they can have their club members vote for our opponents...
If they're sending hate mail or flaming, IMHO that speaks poorly of them as admins of any type of forum.

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 #124033  by kumiyer
the issue about hate mails is taken care of. I think R0meo already talked to ryan from carster and ryan is taking care of this issue.

I got several of these hate mails (when I was running for carster of the month) and I kept replying to all and forwarding it to Ryan - he simply kept banning all those accounts. Ryan is good when it comes to this stuff...

 #124052  by r0meo021
Its not official yet, but after talking to Ryan... I will have to drop out of the race. Only cars that can be registered can enter.

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 #124069  by EasyRider300M
Oh well---it was fun while it lasted---you did damn good for a "toy" car.