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 #163040  by Timbo
I want to let everyone know that the adapter #82207541 that is used to connect an RB1 to a 99 or 00 M is no longer available under that part #. Chrysler has decided not to produce this item any longer. They are now outsourceing them and in doing this the price has about doubled. The new part number for the adapter is 82207541AC. List price for this item is $60 but Jr at Musselman's Dodge in Baltimore who alot of us know that he gives us good prices on everything will sell it to Club members for $41.

You may still be able to find the old item at a local dealer if they have it in stock.
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 #163042  by IS300M
thats stinky, glad I have the 04 now :)

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 #163043  by rogor2k
This is good information. It should probably be a sticky in this thread. I don't know how many folks are still doing RB1 upgrades, but TorontoFireCaptain currently has 8 units for sale in his inventory list. His price is $500.00, which is very good if they come with a fairly recent navigation DVD and antenna.

The eBay seller Mr CD1 still sells them (used and allegedly tested) for anywhere from $800.00 to $1000.00, depending on what production version radio and what software version disk you get with the unit. I'm sure TFC also tests all his units and will stand behind them in case of problems.

BTW, for anyone who has upgraded to an RB1 and doesn't have the manual, you can download a PDF copy here:
Even if you don't print out all 61 pages, it's good to save on your computer for reference.

You can also purchase an RB1 manual here for $3.00: ... ogId=10051 That's an even better deal. They used to be $10.00 IIRC.

 #166581  by Avenger
Anyone know of anyplace that still has the old ones (at the old price)?


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 #166582  by Timbo
I found this on Ebay. Buy it now for $10 ... enameZWD1V

Althought the picture looks wrong I would dounble check.

 #166583  by Shadowvox6
This has been stickied!!

 #166584  by neuroticdave
Timbo wrote:I found this on Ebay. Buy it now for $10 ... enameZWD1V

Althought the picture looks wrong I would dounble check.
Thats the spliced version. You can get the actual one here:

 #167316  by Avenger
What's the diff between that part number and this one? 82207523

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 #167317  by Timbo
I am not 100% sure but it looks like from the details that 82207523 is used to install a 99-01 factory unit into a 02 and vehicle.

If you have a 99-01 and want to install the 02 and up unit you should use #82207541 or #82207541AC
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 #210092  by Y2Keith
Found this on ebay: ... 0118717254

Bought it to install a 2006 RBQ into my 2000 m.

The one I got looks slightly different from what they've pictured--I'm sure theirs is a knock-off of the Chrysler part.

The ad also states, "This adapter also does not include the steering wheel control plug on the end with the old style plugs but the wire is there for your use." The wire pictured looks to be purple/yellow or purple/white. The wire on the harness I received is green.

Also, on this harness, the grounds are jumpered and there is only one ground wire coming from the harness.

With those caveats, it seems to be working just fine. My only complaint is that the radio display doesn't dim with the dash lights--only the buttons do. I haven't had time to take it all back apart to troubleshoot that, and I haven't been able to find good info on the pinouts for the 22 pin harness to make sure this adapter is wired correctly for the illumination.