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 #218162  by EasyRider300M
may not be true but Elizabeth Landau of CNN thinks so based on dubious research :ohwell

This article is going viral--over 4000 comments in one day. I can foresee conservative talk radio picking up on this article. Read some of the comments starting at oldest first. Some of the posts are laughable. :lol:

We're ALL intelligent here--right? And we have both liberals and democrats here. I believe Bill Putney is a conservative. Hey Bill--what's your IQ? Are you an atheist? Are you a one woman man? Are you vegetarian? :wink:

Have fun with this but keep it civil... :D ... t=My+Yahoo
 #218165  by 300Michael
Good laugh. He who makes the tests, controls the outcomes. This one gave me one of the biggest
"Liberals are more likely to be concerned about total strangers; conservatives are likely to be concerned with people they associate with," Considering Conservatives give far more to Charities. Does being a Vegan make me have a higher IQ them being a vegetarian????? I like being a concservative, I don't have to worry about AIDS, STD's, IRS, and other problems. I wonder how much your IQ score helps in Jungle survival?
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 #218225  by LUNAT1C
Nobody has taken the bait yet. Someone start saying terms like Nobama, republiCon, evolution, God, health care, socialism and wing nut.

^ That comment made me lol.
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 #218278  by Bill Putney
You forgot "Marxism", Robert.

I fit the stereotype of the old saying "If you are young and aren't a liberal, you don't have a heart. If you are old and aren't a conservative, you don't have a brain". So, regarding the validity of the study, the day I switched from being a liberal to a conservative, did my IQ (whatever it is - never been measured AFAIK) suddenly flip from 120 to 50?
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 #219781  by Carfan77
No, I think it went the other way Bill.
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 #220238  by mnitetrain
Anyone say "tea party" yet??
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 #220242  by Opticon
The only thing this article did for me was raise more questions. Almost every assumption made and label assigned was arguable. The only larger waste of time than reading it was the time these "intelligent" people spent performing the study. :?
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 #220252  by mnitetrain
National Endowment for Arts or Acorn probably paid them pretty well too.
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 #262302  by mnitetrain
Another waste of almost a million dollars LOL!!

The National Institute of Health ... community/
 #262305  by Tarheel
I noticed that there is a B.O. ad on the page with the article.
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 #262306  by krautmaster
The study found that young adults who said they were "very conservative" had an average adolescent IQ of 95, whereas those who said they were "very liberal" averaged 106.

I'm surprised both numbers were so low-- my daughter was measured at 138, my son a whopping 156 (he is indeed brilliant- he read the first Harry Potter book cover to cover when he was only 5 years old). Both the wife and I are in the mid 120's, which I thought was average....

Do we need to stop going to church and join the DNC?
 #262309  by 300Michael
Strange I thought liberals would have only one score for all people, as not to hurt anyones feelings??????