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Gotta Poll, post it here

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 #290321  by boricuadon
Just for fun..i say bourne..he kicked (CENSORED) without even knowing he could with memory loss.
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 #290324  by EasyRider300M
I never heard of either one of them.
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 #290334  by TrueBlue
You never heard of the Bourne Identity or 24?

Bourne all the way. Bauer was a BA but he doesn't have the moves like Bourne. (or the writers, haha)
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 #290340  by Brando26
^what he said.

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 #290375  by BigMike60
Jack is the Man. Did all the seasons last year with a buddies DVD collection and a few seasons I added from off eBay. Then this week I saw a 2 hour 24 movie that I did not know about that was used as a bridge between 2 of the seasons and I ordered that off Amazon. Supposed to get it on Thursday or Friday and can't wait to see Jack in action again. And, Renee is a super Fox in my opinion. I like Bourne too, except some of the rifle shots at a moving vehicle at high speed a half mile away, pulled off by one of his assailants, were BS that no one could have made, except maybe Oswald.
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 #290380  by Maximus
Ricky Martin
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 #290386  by kvice623
Walter White aka Heisenberg!
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 #290411  by Bill Putney
PeeWee Herman!
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 #290459  by Maximus
Wee willie keeler
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 #290461  by EasyRider300M
Superman Image
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 #290571  by Maximus
Thought this thread was over, once Steve said Superman, thats it you cant beat that.
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 #290578  by jayman2

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 #290592  by beespecial
James Bond. Cool and badass!

hmmm... Notice they're all J.B.? James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer, John Benjamin. Tough dudes, all of them. Well, at least 3 of the 4. :lol: