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Everything you need to know about changing the oil on your LH.

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 #267568  by tbaaqeel
i got the fumoto valve with the 90 degree bend instead of a nipple. It was a couple bucks more but at least now i wont have to worry bout a hose dangling around :D
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 #269947  by Arved
Bill Putney wrote:
GeorgiaJoe wrote:I've read this thread and am very interested in the Fumoto valve. Here's a question. Last time my oil was changed, the tech told me he had trouble getting the oil plug to tighten and that while he got it to seal, it would have to be addressed in the near future. I know many of you have had the same issue. Short of buying a new oil pan, is there anything I can do if I go with the Fumoto to insure a good seal? Would teflon tape help? Some kind of thread sealer?

Silicone sealer (Ultra-Black), or if the threads are already stripped, possbily J-B Weld?
SSDD - this topic comes up a lot. I used the Permatex® Stripped Thread Repair Kit on my pan. It's lasted for years.

Reminds me, though. The fiber washer on my Fumoto has split, and leaks a bit. I reused it after diagnosing the problem, not having the right size washer to replace it. I need to get one before the next oil change.
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 #269957  by Bill Putney
I recently realized that a standard garden hose washer is the perfect size for the M14 drain plug or whatever. I'm using one now on an O.S. plug on the pan on one of my Concordes that stripped (the pan on the other one was stripped wehn I bought it - replaced the pan way back then - still good). The O.S plugs don't always seal well (partially because the washer they come with are way too hard, and you can't tighten them too much for risk of re-stripping the O.S. threads). The garden hose washer is sealing perfectly with moderate torque on the plug. The only possible weakness is if it will hold up to oil exposure - would depend on what material the particular one you buy is made of. I'm keeping an eye on it, but so far, no sign of a problem. I could always go to Lowes and for less than $2 buy a bag or whatever of 5 or 10 and change it at every oil change - but I don't think I'll have to.

Anyway - size wise - you might consider a garden hose washer.
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 #269960  by EasyRider300M
they make rubber hose washers and pvc washers----I think the pvc washers would hold up better against oil---you can buy them at ace hardware or aubochon hardware or online here ... B0032ZLFOA they won't dry out and crack like rubber and stay very flexible
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 #269975  by Brando26
Mine too. All is well with mine.
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 #269982  by Bill Putney
Buna-N and neoprene are two very common rubber gasket/washer/o-ring materials good for oil
 #279485  by isrb710
I finally installed my Fumoto oil valve!! I got the F106N with the nipple to attach a hose to. I need to buy some hose for it. Would transmission fluid hose work OK? I've got some 3/8" inside diameter tranny hose that I think would hold up to the heat.

I plan to run the hose directly into a 5 quart oil jug instead of a drain pan and THEN the jug. Should be easier and less messy - seems like I always spill some pouring it from the drain pan into the jug.

I used a copper washer and 2 Fumoto washers (swiped one from another package) because I didn't like the position of the valve. I'm still not happy with it - I wanted the top of the valve to be facing up. But I at least don't have the top or the slide part facing straight down now. I think the valve is in snug enough to where it won't vibrate out over time. Anybody else have an issue like that? How did you solve it?I'm looking forward to my next oil change! But I'll have to get some more washers.

Thanks, Ron
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 #279496  by Bill Putney
Ron - I think transmission hose is good for about any fluid in cars (not sure about brake fluid).

You could take your one or 2 washers and sand them down until by trial and error you get just the right thickness for clocking your valve.
 #279659  by isrb710

I kinda figured the tranny hose would be OK for oil, especially since tranny fluid is oil-based. Plus the oil would only be there during oil changes.

I won't be messing with it again for awhile. Next oil change in 10K miles. (I suppose I could attach a piece of clean hose now and drain it directly into a clean, empty 5 quart oil jug and then pour it back in when I'm done. That would be easy enough.)

Thanks, Ron
 #281321  by Shadowvox6
I have Fumoto's on both of our cars (My wife has her 06' Focus ZX4 SES) and I love them. Before installing then, I put some Teflon Tape on the threads, and used the supplied leaks, drips of any kind. I also put a rubber cap on the nipples to keep them clean. Every few oil changes, I will hit the valves with the Brake Cleaner, and really clean them up. Best investment for oil changes I have ever made.
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 #318098  by tafi300M
Right, I ordered F-106N nipple valve from for my Voyager as well. 300M has F-106 alright. I opened up the envelope and ripped the bag. Drained the oil and started installing the Fumoto...can't seem to find threads, keeps rolling, but can't install :evil: I took another look at it...F-108N! M16x1.5! There seemed to be a new faulty sticker in bag, covering the right one. From other side of the bag, you could see it too. F-108N. Dammit. Summer trainees.
I returned it back and now I'm trying to get a hold of F-106.
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 #318105  by monte4
Nothing pisses you off more than starting a job and finding out you've got the wrong part.....especially in this case when you've got the oil out of the car and can't do anything until you get the valve or put the original plug back in and wait till the next oil change to change out the plug.
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 #318116  by JoeKD
I still love my Fumoto valve, so much that when I sold my car I wanted to save it

Just ran a hose right into an oil jug, removed the valve, replaced it with the OEM drain plug, filled the car back up with the same oil, little bit of degreaser and now the valve is ready to install into whatever I buy next!
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 #318124  by Brando26
Put one on the jeep :)