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 #325642  by ddurr92
I need a red 300m fender...where can i get 1..junkyrds dont have it:( (TENNESSEE)
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 #325645  by EasyRider300M
you can try to find one on this site shipping might be expensive though
 #325646  by ddurr92
will it come pre painted?
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 #325652  by Bill Putney
ddurr92 wrote:will it come pre painted?
The link Steve gave is a listing service for salvage yards - so yes it would be painted the color of the car it's on - usually given in the listing on

With some luck, you'll find the fender of your dreams in the right color within driving distance of your home - you can narrow the search geographically - very well designed site. For best pricing, when you have a search up, look at the page numbers at the bottom, and click the one with the asterisk - that's the dividing line between lowest price and no price listed - so you work your way from the lowest price up until you find the color and condition you're looking for.

I know some states are better than others for salvage yards. I'm in Virginia, and if I search on a given part in Virginia, I might get 1-1/2 pages of hits, and if I re-search the exact same part for North Carolina, there will be like 5 or 6 pages. Hopefully that's true for Tennessee too.
 #325668  by ddurr92
cool thnx alot yal:) kinda broke right now, but will definitely be getting this done..idc bout distance ill pay 4 whatever as long as its not 2 bad of price and it has 2 be my color:) im new to this site, so its a bit...never been on any forums either :)
 #329990  by ddurr92
Finally bought a fender. All primered. But I will be getting it painted once money flows in. How do I go about pulling the old fender off? Then installing?