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 #93316  by EasyRider300M
Dealer's often pad repair bills and do unnecessary work. They charge prices that are higher than a good corner mechanic. If you find a good independent mechanic that you can trust, consider yourself very lucky. You could save yourself thousands of dollars over the life of your car.

Here is an interesting article by Allpar about dealer scams. Buyer beware.

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 #93334  by Bill Putney
Good post, EZ!

I don't agree with all the stuff on the AllPar link (i.e., Midas criticizing dealers for scamming is the pot calling the kettle black), but it is mostly informative.

Another thought while I was reading - regarding the Schedule A vs. Schedule B maintenance: I have read posts on about dealers refusing to honor warranties on engine failures even when the owner could prove (by receipts) oil and filter changes by the Schedule A. Dealer's reasoning: "In the modern world, there's no such thing as Schedule A driving - everything is, by default, Schedule B. You did not maintain the vehicle according to Schedule B, therefore claim denied". So I say they're committing fraud on the public because:
(1) Either the statement in itself is fraudulent - i.e. Schedule A driving *does* exist and it's up to the dealer to prove a non-Schedule A situation, or, if that's not the case, then
(2) If what they're saying is true, then it is fraudulent to even have a Schedule A in the manual (implying that there is such a thing)

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 #180838  by 300MCruiser
I have NEVER, EVER, EVER had a dealer do any work on my car unless they were doing work that was free under warranty.

That being said, find yourself a good, local garage that does good work and doesn't overcharge. It'll take some time, ask around, do some research but it'll pay for itself in the long run.

I ended up with a place that not only does great work, that not only doesn't overcharge but lets me bring in my own parts for them to install. Which is great when you wanna install hard to find parts and top end parts.

It was timing belt time so they let me bring in the timing belt, tensioner, water pump, ALL the other belts, fan broke so I needed brand new dual fans, brand new radiator hoses, theromstat, hell I even brought in the distilled water and the proper 5 start coolant. I dropped it all off and they did it THAT DAY!!!

Ain't no waitin for some part from jabip so your car sits in their lot for an extra 2 days cause you didn't bring them the parts. Yeah right!!
 #181027  by JimJ1485
I think I've found a place like you're talking about. They did the timing belt job, pully's, belts, etc. They saved the old parts without me asking. I had a Tranny problem(solonoid pack) that they looked at. Added fluid to tranny, and sent me on my way. Tranny problem persisted. They referred me to local shop, and credited the labor they charged me for future work (it was already planned).
They were a muffler shop (Razorback Muffler "No Muff too Tuff") that branched out to full service last year. I'm doing duals this spring (as soon as I decide on a system I like), so they'll get the job.
 #245768  by DMC
I am new at this, help me through.
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 #245769  by 300maximilien
DMC wrote:I am new at this, help me through.
through what?

finding a 2 year old thread to bump? :lol:
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 #337232  by tafi300M
Biggest dealer scam I have been about to get caught:

I'n our old Voyager (T&C) we had our first ever Automatic Gearbox. 41TE. One day the tranny started acting funny, shaking and shifting hard. 100K was in ODO. I went to a dealer, after test drive the bloke said "Your tranny has a torque converter locking failure." Pulled the codes and inspected oil. "Nothing we can do but replace the tranny with new one. $6500." I went GULP.

I didn't have that money, and it seemed to be very very hard to raise it. And I could not. I thought, damn, there's gotta be another way. I looked up some tranny specialists and called them over. They all had their hands full. One said, tho, "no biggie, bring the car over night, and we'll have a look see." We drove there with my oldest son and their test drive confirmed the fault. "Don't order the tranny" he said. "Come back tomorrow evening, we'll take it apart and take a look."

He called me the next morning, "We found nothing wrong with your tranny, but just old oil. We'll button it up, and you'll get it tonight." $1200. Pheww, I went. Lot cheaper. *LOODY DEALER OBVIOUSLY HAD NEVER CHANGED THE OIL, EVEN I HAD PAID FOR THEM TO CHANGE IT!

Since then I've done the oil and filter myself every time...