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 #206137  by sall
I am about to start some "body work" on the cracked 300M front bumper fascia. The bottom of the fascia is cracked all the way through. I only have $330 invested in the car thus far and a new fascia is going to cost more than that after purchase, paint, etc.

I have decided I would go the route of plastic welding as opposed to the two part flex epoxies, etc.

I was looking at the FSM and it states some information on how to repair and lists several types of plastic Chrysler used to used to mold the fascias. Does anyone know exactly what type of plastic they are formed with?

I want to make sure i get the correct type of plastic welding rods for proper adhesion. Other than that the process is fairly straight forward.

The FSM also states when repairing body panels, etc that they should be left on the car when doing work. What do you all think about that?
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 #206144  by FIREM
Not sure exactly what compound fascia is made of. Plastic welding equipment supplier should be able to tell you what product to use on your fascia. FSM also great choice for info. I have some experiance with plastic "welding" (poly water tanks in fire trucks) and know heat, air, and filler need to be just right to get good results. A little to much heat or air = trouble.
Repair in place is so that there is no outside stress on the part so it fits properly after repair. Either leave it on or put it in a jig to keep it stress free during repair.
May want to look at the whole process, replacement, salvage yard, may not be a bad option.
Never had much luck with flex epoxies....
 #206169  by sall
Thanks for the input Fire.

I bought the plastic weld kit from Harbor Freight. So, they are not too good with telling me what type of rods to purchase. They carry PVC, ABS, and one other type in a package together. I am fairly certain it is not any of those.

I need to delve into the FSM a little further to get a definitive answer. That is unless someone here chimes in... :o

Well, just glancing it says there were two types of plastic used by Chrysler to form body panels, etc. Which were Resin Transfer Molded (RTM) or Sheet Molded Compound (SMC). With a note saying RTM and SMC body panels can be repaired with aftermarket products and refer to the manufacturers instructions.

Well, that does a whole lot of good... unless RTM and SMC weld rods are one in the same for lack of better words, compatible together.

Further investigation continues...
 #221938  by Craig300
Were you able to find any more information as to what the M's bumper is made of and what repair material to use?
 #351298  by Countachqv
I am trying to fix a rip in the side front fascia where the 10mmn bolt is. The tear causes a gap in the side fascia. Wife went too close to a border.
Seems to me I may need some heavy duty material here as there is stress on this part. May be a metal reinforcement?
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 #351299  by adu1982
Wouldnt a reinforcement on the inside part of it work. I think even one of those plastic welding guns from hf might work right?
 #351300  by Countachqv
adu1982 wrote:Wouldnt a reinforcement on the inside part of it work. I think even one of those plastic welding guns from hf might work right?
I think but my "fabrication" skills are very limited In that corner, You have an OEM metal plate but does not do the corner. The plate would have to match the fascia curve i believe. I also never used a plastic welding gun. If there is bulk of platic there, the oem plate wont fit anymore.
I tried glue it but the glue dont take the stress