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LED, Color Changes, Custom Lenses, whatever

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 #339275  by German300M
I plan to make some inside lightning mods and like to use EL for it. Reason is that this thin foil can be used in tight places. As far as I know EL is used for the gear indicator lights (in the gear shift bezel) and the dashboard. Instead of having to buy plenty of 'spare' parts I wonder if one can buy this EL stuff anywhere. Of course, it has to have the Chrysler greenish hue. There are some stores offering EL, but I don't know if there is a specific color code for Chrysler green.
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 #339293  by German300M
Thanks for the link. I checked several web sites but what I am not sure about is the EL color Chrysler used in the 300m. If not activated the foil looks white, but when illuminated it it's a sort of light green.
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 #339501  by German300M
No one knows what color our EL produces?
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 #354311  by Shawn1301
Luminescent Blue is pretty darn close.
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 #354415  by German300M
Thanks, I'll give it a try. Used green LEDs before but those are too bright and greenish.