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Discussions about logoed merchandise available to club members.

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 #363352  by M-Pressive

After some unforeseen delays I am proud to announce that the 2017 Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club calendar is complete and ready for ordering!

Please take a moment and check out the calendar here-

Paid Members need to log into the website with their forum name and password which may be different then your forum name and password.

Each month features a quality photo that was optimized and edited to show off these amazing rides.

Not a member of the club? Become one today so you can order this great tribute to our Ride of the Month winners from 2016.
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 #363567  by M-Pressive
My order with Shutterfly has been moved to "shipped" status so I think it is safe to reopen the calendar ordering process.

Please make sure you look for a coupon code when ordering. You should not have to pay full price for the calendar. I linked the dedicated page for RetailMeNot below.

They are always running deals. I saw a 30% off and a $20 off for all new customers. Please look for a code before ordering!

Let me know if anyone has trouble with the link of the club gear page. I am not sure if it expires, I can email it to anyone who needs it as well.

I will report back when I receive mine with my thoughts but the proofs looked great!

Thanks for your patience, I hope this solution works out for everyone.
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 #363598  by beespecial
Placed my order for 2 this morning. Thanks so much for your efforts on this Keith.
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 #363658  by M-Pressive
remi wrote:Just ordered mine, thanks guys !
Oh and I used the code EPIC50 for 50% discount :)
This is the best discount they are going to offer.

It is valid till 12/27

Order now and you will get the calendar for half price!
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 #363703  by M-Pressive
My calendar came in on Friday.

Far superior to anything I ever received from CafePress. Really thick pages and the photos look great.

Order yours today! Only two days left to get them at 50% off.
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 #363828  by LUNAT1C
I Just ordered two calendars. I used the promo code HAPPY2017 for 40% off. I paid $42.40 including shipping and tax, and should have a couple of days before my birthday (couple weeks, picked economy shipping). Order yours today!
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 #363834  by Sneke_Eyez
Just ordered mine - thanks Keith for your hard work on this and Robert for the discount code.
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 #363843  by FIREM
2017 Calendar arrived today and is the Highest Quality Calendar we have ever had !!
Great Job !!
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 #363961  by Wolfe359_01
I tried to order, looks like Shutterfly has trouble accepting a Canadian Address. Is there another way I could order one?
 #363964  by snstr_auto
I may be in the same boat then. I wasn't able to check at work and I get busy when I have been at home.
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 #363965  by M-Pressive
I would suggest giving them a call or using their live chat feature.

They do ship to Canada. ... ng-options
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 #363979  by Wolfe359_01
I went back today, took my address no issue. Also reduced the price by quite a bit! SO EXCITED!! One will be for here at work (can't have girlie calendars in the office)
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 #363981  by M-Pressive
Wolfe359_01 wrote:I went back today, took my address no issue. Also reduced the price by quite a bit! SO EXCITED!! One will be for here at work (can't have girlie calendars in the office)
Awesome! Glad you got it worked out.
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 #364295  by TrueBlue
Any calendars remaining? I can't visit them on the site from work
The ... nkid=link4 has been deemed by your administrator to be unsafe or unsuitable for you to access. The resource has been blocked. No further action is required.

Reason: The application Shutterfly with action Generic has been blocked by your System Administrator
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 #364296  by M-Pressive
They are made to order, just hunt down a coupon code before you place an order though.

Should be good to go!
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 #364299  by snstr_auto
If you use Google chrome, get the 'Honey' Extension/app. It does the coupon hunting for you.
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 #364302  by TrueBlue
Niiiiiice. Gotta grab one before February. I heard the car for that month was xxxxtra hot. :P ;)

Thanks gents! I'll grab one when I get off work!
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