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A place to discuss different tools we use to keep our cars running.

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 #365530  by mnitetrain
If you go air, get RUBBER hose, not the PVC/vinyl ones, they kiink and are almost impossible to coil.

Make sure also the compressor can give you at leat 6CFM at 90PSI for your wrenching.

Mine is in the cellar and plumbed to the garage so it is quiet. Old 13 gallon C/H, they don't make them like that anymore. Also note make sure you have a good 15/20 amp circuit otherwise it will keep tripping breakers/blowing fuses.
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 #365686  by grayslater
I started with a small pancake style compressor for home improvement projects that I have used for years, including pumping up bicycle tires as well as car tires.

Last year my Dad found me an old Craftsman 20 gal. I believe it is for like $50. I know have the added capacity if I need it, but my air tools hardly ever see the time of day.

But I'm a bit (CENSORED) when it comes to my wheels and I take my time when it comes to rotating tires. I'll get the breaker bar out every time, use one of these guys and do it all by hand.
Sunex 284319 1/2-Inch Drive 19-mm Extra Long Thin Wall Wheel Protector Impact Socket from Amazon ... UTF8&psc=1
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 #365693  by M-Pressive
That socket is amazing! I have one as well.
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 #365803  by adu1982
Bought 2 of them myself....and 2 HF 9.99 torque much easier to take wheels of on the side of the road with a torque wrench....a set for each car.....(should get one for the base but i cheapened out and just threw a old 19mm socket and a 7.99 HF breaker bar. Weird though as i have not had a flat tire but only once since i have this setup in each trunk.

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