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 #365816  by 00R/T
I know many of us are regular customers of Harbor Freight, so I thought I'd pass this along.

HF has settled a class actions suit regarding their bogus sale prices which are really just the "regular price". If you purchased anything from them between 4/8/11 and 12/15/16, you're eligible to file a claim.

In a nutshell, there's 3 types of claimants. If you have receipts, you can claim 20% (cash refund) or 30% (gift card) of the amount shown on the "you saved" section of your receipt. If you have credit card statements, you can claim 10%(cash) or 12%(gift card) of your total purchase price. If you have neither but did shop there, you can sign an affidavit and claim a $10 gift card.

I don't plan on going super crazy trying to dig up every single purchase I made. But, I was able to quickly find statements showing around $500 in purchases that I intend to submit for a 12% gift card. If you've spent a decent amount of money there, it's probably worth doing.

EDIT: Oops, forgot the link.
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 #365817  by M-Pressive
Wow, I need to go through my receipts.

I know I have a ton of them.

Thanks for posting this!
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 #365823  by adu1982 too....bought my trailer and a bunch of other stuff for over 100$ last year.....i need to make some time and look up at least my card statements.
Also i have had inside track once and now again so i get emails of my receipt....forgot about that.

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 #365824  by LUNAT1C
I have dozens of email receipts, though none say "you saved". Still I'm seeing probably $700+ in the just the ones I skimmed over from the past year and I know I've basically been on a shopping spree since getting a garage in 2014. Gift card here we come...
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 #365829  by 300maximilien
Awesome Steve... Thank you for sharing this with us! :thebar
 #365834  by 00R/T
Most of my purchases have been in the past few years since before that the nearest store was pretty far away. I figure I'm probably missing a couple hundred from 2011 to 2013, but I can't remember what card I used the most back then and don't really feel like going through the statements for every card.
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 #365845  by 300maximilien
If you call your card companies they can search your history and forward purchase information. At least mine did.
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 #365850  by mnitetrain
Whether you are near a HF or not, most online orders can ship for $6.95 except really heavy stuff i.e. generators, tool chests, etc.
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 #365851  by adu1982
Yup and for us home mechanics their stuff is more than good enough at a half or more of the price. HF and BJs are the only stores i have ever used coupons in and looked for. I keep a few HF coupons in my wallet phone case. Even handed a few to other shoppers in front of me if they had big item purchases.

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 #365888  by In-trepid
adu1982 wrote: Even handed a few to other shoppers in front of me if they had big item purchases.
I have done the same thing. I just like to see the look on their face when they save a $20 or $30 with the 20% off coupons. I even had a guy insist that he give me $10 for lunch because I saved him $30. Of course I wouldn't take it. It's a good feeling!
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 #365925  by adu1982
Yup i just keep an eye for the mint magazine and the papers with coupons..... Talking about HF i just bought their electric chain saw for 39$. Cut down my first tree this weekend......Tired of all the leaves getting in my special....(aat the hood and wipers).

Worked like a champ even for the trunk of the tree which is much wider than 14 inch (i think thats the chain saw's size).

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