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A place to discuss different tools we use to keep our cars running.

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 #337891  by mnitetrain
Got a chance over the weekend to really put this HF to the test removing swirl and spider web in my Mnitetrain2 paint. It did a real nice job.

Washed the old wax and clayed then hit it with Adams Revive polish. Revive didn't seem to do much so I had some Meguiars Fine Cut and went to it with that. Didn't take long at all, again did not use the handle and felt very comfortable and only slightly warm. Followed up for now with 2 coats of Mothers Syn Wax.

Actually wanted to apply a good sealant but could not find any locally. By the time I locate a good protectant sealant it should be ready for the winter months.

Also spent some time on various detailing forums and surprisingly this polisher has a pretty decent following. Not just some of us cheap skate weekend warriors but some guys claiming pro detail status have gone to this as day in day out. They still use their Flex/Cyclo for the ultra high end but generally this polisher has very respectful reviews.
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 #337932  by LUNAT1C
I haven't had complaints about mine. I used it to polish a corner of my hood with scratchx and it became a mirror.
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 #366782  by mnitetrain
3 day sale again for $49.99 best price I've seen since I bought mine. I did open up the gears and take out the grease and regreased, quieted it down a good bit!. ... 021_c1617b