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 #329618  by FIREM
FOTKI is up and running well despite issues in the past. All members have a personal album maintained by the club tied to your Member Number, and are encouraged to use it.

Are you tired of seeing X where you expect to see an image?
Have you gotten to the last step in a repair only to be greeted by a X for that final step in the KB ?
Are you tired of having to side scroll in the middle of a thread so you can see an oversize image that runs off the screen ?

Fotki may not be your first choice, it is what we have and when used properly it works and will resolve the above issues.
When the founding fathers set up the club, Fotki was chosen and we are going to stay with this as our photo storage.
(To change now would require EVERY individual image to be reloaded on the site)
By using FOTKI, images are retained and maintained by the Club "Fotki Captain"
Most of the X you see are broken links to other photo storage sites that members or former members use and we have no way to recover unless they are stored on Fotki.
Images loaded on Fotki can be automatically "resized" to minimize the oversize image issue.
New member packages include directions "How To" load your images. The "button" on the main page takes you directly to our Fotki page.

Loading your images, email as an attachment to: (xxxx is your member number)

Loading Images to the Knowledgebase:

Loading images to Club Events:
I will set up and publish in events as they come up. example Indy meet :

If you have images hosted somewhere contact me and I can "batch load" your files.
If you still need help, please feel free to contact me via PM or email and I will help.

Monthly the membership and Fotki accounts are reviewed and updated to keep things in order.
Recent upgrades and enhancements to the Fotki site have made it easier to navigate.
Presently only 25% of the Active Membership have images in their Fotki album. Let's try to utilize this Member Benefit, please upload some photos to your folders.
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 #329620  by M-Pressive
Thanks for posting this Bob. We need everyone to embrace Fotki as much as possible going forward. As Bob stated, changing is not an option at this point and we are working to make it as usable as possible. Please consider uploading some photos to your folders so we have more pictures to share on the forum.

I have locked this thread so it does not turn into another debate on the merits of Fotki as a whole. Feel free to PM myself or Bob with questions, comments or suggestions.

We hope to build Fotki into an integral part of the club in 2014 and look forward to seeing how much we can improve it by the end of the year.

Thanks for your support and thanks to Bob for taking the time to get everything working the right way.
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 #329690  by FIREM
Additional Note:
We do not support the storage of Video on the Fotki Site.
We DO have a channel on youtube and information how to load your videos is in development.
We will link that information in this topic.
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 #329981  by M-Pressive
Here is the thread for the club YouTube page. ... 80#p329980

If you have a video to share please send it along.

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 #333553  by FIREM
Bump for Updates:
As Renewals and reactivations are processed Fotki is also updated.
Latest update to member photos 06/17/2014
Please PM me if your folder is not in the right place.

Participation is UP Thank You ! 30% Active members have photos
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 #338496  by FIREM
BUMP for Updates: As of TODAY 301 Active Dues Paying Members
89 With Pictures in your personal folder
212 Without Pictures.
Please take advantage of this Member Benefit 8)

Members may also notice that the Member Number has been populated in your signature, done as part of the process
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 #341550  by FIREM
First Update of 2015 Complete. 86 Members with pics /205 without
Please use FOTKI to host and post images on the site.
Resizes images automaticlly.
We will have them "forever"
NOTE: If you notice your member number missing, or anyone elses, Please PM me so I can add to profile.
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 #343693  by M-Pressive
We now have a page dedicated to assisting members in the uploading of pictures to their personal folders on Fotki.

Pictures and instructions are both included for ease of use.
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 #348431  by FIREM
In the process of updating FOTKI and Membership Numbers.
Bump For the "New" members.
Please use FOTKI to host and post images on the site.
Resizes images automatically.
We will have them "forever"
NOTE: If you notice your member number missing, or anyone else's, Please PM me so I can add to profile.

88 Active Members With Pictures
188 Active Members Without
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 #352867  by FIREM
Final Review and update for 2015
89 Member accounts with pictures
202 Member accounts without pictures.
Membership Profiles and Membership Numbers have also been updated.
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 #361138  by FIREM
Recent update shows that 30 % of the membership uses this MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT
Last update was done last week.
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 #361923  by FIREM
Fotki participation is not mandatory but sure helps maintain what we have. Another recent topic where the images are gone and we have no way to recover them :cry:
Here is another Option
If you have images loaded at another internet storage site, we can "fetch from another site" and add to your Fotki account.
PM me access to your storage site and with your permission I easily copy the pictures you authorize so we have them available.
Hope this helps boost out image database.
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 #361925  by EasyRider300M
I notice several years of Carlisle photos are not listed...are those lost forever?
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 #361926  by M-Pressive
EasyRider300M wrote:I notice several years of Carlisle photos are not listed...are those lost forever?
Yup, they were stored on personal Fotki accounts that were either deleted or let lapse.

I was able to find early ones but many of the middle years are gone forever.
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 #362503  by FIREM
October 2016 update completed.
83 Active Members With Pictures
195 Active Members Without Pictures
Member Profiles also Updated to include Member Number
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 #369409  by FIREM
Additional Discussions on Photobucket Issues
Please Use FOTKI
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 #369514  by FIREM
September 2017 Update:
87 Members with pictures
177 Members without
Please take advantage of this Club Benefit
The Club pays the fee to Fotki so we do not fall victim to loss like other sites have.
We can assist in getting images moved from other sites, just contact me via PM.