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Talk about the most common LH mod, and why Chrysler didn't do it.

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 #377740  by dcsally97
Last year our son Tim was rear ended in his Camry. He was fine, the Camry needed a new bumper and exhaust. We decided to get the Kool Vue muffler, but the exhaust shop couldn't get it to fit on the Camry without hitting into things. So, like a good dad I bought the muffler off of him to use on my car. My question for the masses, should I straight pipe (no muffler) and put this in place of the resonator? I want it to sound good, but not overbearing. My thoughts are to straight pipe and use this as the muffler/resonator. Help wanted!
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 #377757  by Sneke_Eyez
Doug, it might be helpful for us to know what the Kool Vue muffler looks like and what its described purpose is - I've never heard of Kool Vue, though I see online it appears they sell several different types of mufflers.

One of the common replacement plans for exhausts is to remove the center resonator (under the center console) and swap it for straight pipe when it rusts out.
This gives the car a little more growl, but nothing too unbearable. (This is how my Special is)
Another is to remove the rearmost resonator and put straight pipe or a cherry bomb muffler there.
Finally the third is to remove the rear case muffler (under the rear seat) and replace it with something different - on my Intrepid I have a Flowmaster 80 there with dual straight pipes back from the muffler.

If you are suggesting it to replace the center resonator, then that might be an option, or perhaps in place of the rearmost resonator.
But, unless someone here has used a Kool Vue muffler, I'm not sure how it will sound in either of those locations.
 #377758  by dcsally97
This is the p/n part #KV150105. Ellis (monte) used it on his base M.
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 #377761  by Sneke_Eyez
Looks to me like Ellis used it to replace his rear resonator, but had a lot of exhaust work done at the same time.
monte4 wrote: April 25th, 2016, 3:18 pm Did a complete exhaust system today as I had a hole in the rear transverse muffler. The shop I went to is a small place that specializes in stainless exhaust. It's a 1 man operation and he does a lot of hot rods and classic cars. Complete stainless steel front resonator, rear transverse muffler and all piping is stainless steel. All joints welded, no clamps used at all. I supplied the rear resonator that I bought while in Florida last winter. Forgot to take my camera as I would have liked to get pictures with car up on hoist, so these are with car back home.

He also says:
monte4 wrote: April 25th, 2016, 3:29 pm The system is a little louder under acceleration but is quiet once cruising. Thankfully there is no drone.
It certainly looks nice mounted on his car, as shown in this thread for anyone interested:

I'd say go for it, Doug, and have the shop check the rest of your exhaust at the same time.
 #377964  by dcsally97
The work is being done today. I decided to keep the front resonator, straight pipe the transverse muffler and use the new muffler as the rear resonator. I will post pictures and video later. I hope it sounds good.
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 #377965  by Sneke_Eyez
Good luck, Doug!
 #377967  by dcsally97
Alright, it sounds great! It doesn't look perfect, but since Tim was paying I didn't want to nit pick too much. The guys who did the work are hilltechies. Laid back country folk, lol. Anyway, as promised pictures and video. Comments please. Enjoy! P.S. The video sounds better on computer speakers.


Before video

Pick up from shop

Drive by (pardon the wind noise)

In the garage

Rear quarter in garage
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 #377972  by EasyRider300M
Sounds and looks sexy!
 #377973  by dcsally97