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 #388158  by BOD
What a journey it has been!

It started with the cars and turned into a family.

Check out this incredible writeup by Bob (FIREM) that talks about the club through the years.

Big thanks to Bob for taking the time to pull it together.
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 #388164  by Sneke_Eyez
Excellent work, Bob. Many thanks to you on your hard work to write that up and share your knowledge of the early days with the group.
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 #388167  by StealthM
Bob what great write up. Who would of thought that finding some stranger on a web site for parts would lead to this. You opened your life to a stranger but now you are family. You badgered me about Carlisle. Yeah yeah... So we went and now me and Steph wait with bated breath to meet up with our extended family. The cars are cool but time well spent with our family out weights everything else. Thanks Bob. We are so proud to be a part of this thing of ours.... God bless and stay safe....
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 #388170  by LUNAT1C
Agreed, thank you Bob! I always enjoy reading about the club's early days, before I got my Special in 2009. Bob is the exact representation of the people who make this club the family that it is. I still remember the first Carlisle I brought my Special to "I KNOW WHERE THAT PLATE IS FROM!" upon seeing my Jersey plate... "Rutgers student? COME ON OVER!" when I posted about a noise that Bob quickly discovered was a broken rear sway bar link mount on the strut.

So many other folks with a similar attitude, or some other method to keeping up this thing of ours... I won't name names but we all know multiple folks (those still with us and those who have passed on) who make this a family and even share their families with us (and us with them).

Here's to another 20+ years!
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