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 #392455  by FIREM
Hey Gang, Don't forget to Sign up for Carlisle while you can still get a 20% Savings.
Registration Class for SPECIALS 829
Registration Class for BASE MODELS 830
Be sure to use Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts
as your Club choice ... 2247608929

I know some folks sign up before they leave the Showfield each year but others may need the reminder
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 #392459  by LUNAT1C
I just did so today! I wasn't sure if I did, and checked my CC history to confirm. I'm signed up and (im)patiently waiting for July!

Also, I believe the "LH Other" (Intrepid, Concorde, LHS, Vision, New Yorker) class is "828".
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 #392462  by M-Pressive
We signed up one car the other day.

Undecided on what we bring at this time but it will only be one vehicle.
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 #392463  by In-trepid
We have one vehicle registered, but I would like to bring two if possible. Probably won't know until later in the spring. Last year we registered two and only ended up bringing one. They refused to push the other registration forward to 2023, even after discussion at the event and a couple of emails after the fact. They stayed firm on the 30-day cancellation notice to make exceptions. I understand the rule and will flow with the decision. It just makes me leery to make an early commitment to a second vehicle for this year. The good news is I'll be there! See you all in July!
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 #392467  by sdugasjr
Signed up! Definitely making it a point to be there this year! Have a lot to do on the car before then however
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 #392471  by Sneke_Eyez
I signed up at the showfield in 2022 and I plan to be there!
 #392541  by StealthM
Same here. signed up at the field... Can't wait...
 #392581  by TrepKing95
StealthM wrote: January 5th, 2023, 9:20 am Same here. signed up at the field... Can't wait...
Since Carlisle 2019 my policy is to get my registration renewed when I pick up my goodie bag! I can't wait for Carlisle 2023!
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 #392753  by GoofySenior
Since things got a little hectic for us last year we didn't sign up before we left!! But never fear the Goofy's are, as of today, signed up and eagerly waiting for this year's show!
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