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 #392775  by M-Pressive
Car Mod Sheets:

The following link is has a blank car details sheet that people can fill out and put with their cars. All participating members and guests will be judging the club cars this year and it would be extremely helpful if everyone had one of these attached to their car.
You can also use a sheet or board that you design on your own. This is just an option if people need it. ... tails.docx

Here are instructions on opening and using the second link.
Click the second link.
A box pops up, make sure "open with" is selected and Microsoft Word is the program listed in the box.
Click OK.
The document should download and open with Word (assuming you have Word installed on your computer).
You can then make changes and save as on your computer. You can name it whatever you want and print it.

Feel free to print and use the blank car sheets. You may want to use more then one to list your mods.

Please let me know if you have any questions.