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  • 2023 Club Officers and Board of Directors Announced!

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 #392774  by BOD
Fellow Members:

The 2023 Board of Directors has held its internal election for officers. All four officer positions were filled by members that ran unopposed.

Your 2023 Board of Director Officers are as follows:

Club Officers
President - Keith Jarvis (M-Pressive)
Vice President - Ryan Severance (Sneke_Eyez)
Secretary - Robert Day (FIREM)
Treasurer - Lindsey Jarvis (First Lady) - first year of a two year term per bylaws

John Smith (In-trepid)
Michael Taylor (TrepKing95)
Robert Knapp (LUNAT1C)

We had one new member step up and offer to help run the club in 2023!

The 2023 BOD looks forward to serving the club this coming year!
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 #392776  by FIREM
Welcome back to the returning BOD and
Thanks for stepping up!!
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 #392780  by First Lady
Welcome Mikey!! Super excited to have you join us.
Here's to a great year ahead y'all!
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 #392807  by sparky99
Looks like the club continues to be in good hands. Thanks, everyone.