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 #393094  by BOD
During our annual BOD meeting in March we talked about the future of the Ride of the Month program.

Participation is at an all time low and it has become difficult to run contests each month.

Moving forward a BOD member will be assigned to a corresponding month and they will handle how they want to run that month. They could decide to run a contest, recruit someone new and award it to them or award it to any current member.

In addition we will be giving out three awards at Carlisle (we have done this for years) based on the Carlisle category winners.

The monthly assignments are below:
Jan - Keith
Feb - Ryan
March - Lindsey
April - Robert K
May - Mikey
June - John
July - Carlisle Special
August - Carlisle Base
Sept - Carlisle Other
Oct - Lindsey
Nov - Bob
Dec - Keith

This path forward allows us to keep the program alive and still produce a calendar. We will run Ride of the Year the same way we always have (12 winners battle it out).

The contest will be evaluated each year moving forward, at some point it may need to be retired but we will do our best to keep it alive in some way.

Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions.
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 #395285  by M-Pressive
ROM will continue on this path in 2024!

I will get the list of people responsible for each month posted in the next couple of days.