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 #305633  by BOD
With the successful launch of our club Travel Reimbursement Program in 2011, we are now modifying this program to more focus on members who have never been to a Club Meet or members who have not attended a Club Meet in the past 2 years. This comes after much discussion among your BOD as to the best ways to manage our budgets while maximizing membership benefits.

The 300M Club Travel Reimbursement Program is designed to help members attend club sponsored events. This member benefit is a mileage reimbursement program open to all paid members* in good standing attending club sponsored events. The mileage reimbursement is based on driving mileage to an event, not financial need. This program is only available to the driver of the car, passengers are not eligible. It is our sincerest hopes that with the rising costs for fuel, this program will help members attend more events than may otherwise have been possible. So if you are considering a club meet and qualify, take advantage of this great program.

The program works as follows. Travel reimbursements are based on one-way driving mileage from your home to an event like Carlisle, INDY or Ocean City or other events, as announced may be designated to qualify for reimbursements. The travel reimbursement is only a partial reimbursement and is meant to assist members, not cover their full travel costs.

There are mileage tiers with reimbursements beginning from 100 miles, one-way travel (driving miles) to a qualifying meet. The tiers extend out to 1000+ miles and the reimbursement increases as the mileage increases up to a maximum of $100 per member. (Only one member per vehicle may submit for reimbursement per event.) Part of the calculation also uses the average highway mileage of our LH's and the average price of gasoline nationwide. This will allow us to adjust the reimbursement program as needed from time to time, even regionally as may be appropriate. Qualifying events and the related reimbursement calculations will be determined in the sole discretion of the current Club Officers annually.

The linked program reimbursement form is what will be used to determine qualifying reimbursements. If you don't have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later, you can fill in your information on a printed form, submit by mail/email/fax, and the Club Treasurer will calculate the final reimbursement.

We hope you all find this to be a valuable ongoing program and effort to listen to your requests, respond, and give back to the members, for without you, there would be no club.

Happy "M"otoring!

Your Board of Directors & Officers

Reimbursement Form Download Link (requires active member):

*Note: All paid members including BOD, but excluding Club Officers. Other restrictions apply. See the full terms & conditions on the 300M Club Travel Program Reimbursement Form and below.

2013 300M Enthusiasts Club Travel Reimbursement Program

The purpose of this program is to increase attendance at club sponsored events & meets. It is the hope of the Board of Directors that members who have never been to a meet, or members wishing to attend additional meets, but may not due to cost, will take advantage of this program. This program is a partial expense reimbursement for driving mileage costs and is open to all paid members in good standing (restrictions apply for qualifying members and events/meets*). The goal is simply to make it easier for more members to attend more events & meets.

Qualifying events are determined in the sole discretion of the Club Directors. Mileage reimbursement begins at 100 miles. Maximum reimbursement is $100 per member, per year (other restrictions apply*). Only one member per vehicle may submit for reimbursement per event. The price/gallon for fuel is based on a nationwide average and may be adjusted by event/meet to represent the price in a specific region. This and all other aspects of the mileage reimbursement calculation are determined in the sole discretion of the Club Officers. This program is subject to change or termination without Notice.


Simply enter the one-way driving mileage from your home to the club event or meet and the worksheet will calculate your qualifying reimbursement. Fill out your personal information and print/fax/mail, or email this form to the Club Treasurer within 15 days of the event/meet's completion. The Treasurer will compile and validate all submissions and submit the payment report to the Club President for approval. The check disbursement is made within 30 days from the event/meet.


This program is available to all 300M Enthusiasts Club members in good standing, including Club Directors, but excluding Club Officers, and subject to the following qualifications.
1) Member qualification is handled on a "per event/meet" basis.
2) To qualify for reimbursement for a particular event/meet, the member must have either a) never attended the event/meet, or b) not attended the event/meet in the 2 years prior to requesting reimbursement.
3) There is no limit to the number of qualifying events/meets in a year, only the $100 cap per year.
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 #329994  by M-Pressive
This program has been renewed for the 2014 show season.

Please consider coming to a meet and taking advantage of this great program. I would love to see more new people come out to all three of our annual meets.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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 #343688  by M-Pressive
The 2015 BOD has agreed to continue this program in 2015.

Please take advantage of it and come to your first meet this coming year!
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 #357128  by M-Pressive
The program has been extended through the 2016 year.

Please take advantage of it and attend a meet!
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 #357134  by adu1982
I might brake the bank from the get go (well the $100 that is)..... bout just over 800 miles just to get to see y'alls pretty faces finally.
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 #357135  by M-Pressive
adu1982 wrote:I might brake the bank from the get go (well the $100 that is).....Image Image Image bout just over 800 miles just to get to see y'alls pretty faces finally.
We hope people use it! Would be great to meet you.
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 #357139  by sparky99
I used the program last year to go to Carlisle... It was nice afterward to get a small reimbursement. It definitely helped.
I hope people take advantage of the program... :thebar
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 #365774  by M-Pressive
The program has been extended for another year!

Take advantage of this amazing program if you have never been to Carlisle and commit to coming today.
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 #365775  by LUNAT1C
Glad to see the program is still a benefit to our members. It might be a small reimbursement, but the real prize is getting to Carlisle! Hope to see more new folks there this year!
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 #393095  by BOD
The 2023 BOD voted to sunset the travel program moving forward.

Thanks to those that used us to meet at one of our event over the years. It was a ground breaking program in 2011 when it launched.