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 #393471  by mrnrod
Hello all, I am still using my Concorde Limited. I have been having issues with parasitic raw haven't had a Time to put a multimeter to it yet but I've been reading that it could be the BCM or just today I already could be the instrument cluster not telling the BCM to shut the car off causing the issue but just today I had to jump my car now I see the traction control light off ABS light on emergency brake light on could this be a result of the BCM not communicating properly or is this a sign that it is indeed the instrument cluster?

I found on eBay you know a few instrument clusters for the Concorde but for some reason they say not including limited do we know if the base Concorde cluster will work in our limited? I want to try the instrument cluster first because it's a lot cheaper than sending my BCM to a company to be repaired since I can't find any premium bcms on eBay

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 #393472  by mrnrod
Also I need a instrument cluster anyways because my check engine light doesn't illuminate and it hasn't since I got the car I'm guessing that whoever had it previously disabled the LED in there because there was an issue with limp mode being active on the car when I purchased it but it wasn't the reported

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 #393476  by LUNAT1C
Moved this topic to the appropriate forum for you (knowledgebase is for how-to's).

The bulb in the cluster may be have gone out or been removed for the reason you suspect. It can be replaced without replacing the entire cluster. Twist-lock bulbs on the backside. If you have access to u-pull salvage yards you can pull a cluster and pocket the bulbs from it rather than pay for the entire cluster if yours still works.

If there was a communication issue between the BCM and the cluster, it would tell you. Either "NOBUS" error message in the odometer section, or solid boxes around all the gear positions at once. Usually you'll get a "NOBUS" message.

My first action as I noted on your BCM post would be to test the battery and check all the fuses for a parasitic draw from every circuit. Do so only after the car has sat key-off for at least an hour to allow all systems to go to sleep.

Batteries will cause these issues in even these not-so-modern-anymore cars. 3-5 years is typical lifespan, but even new batteries can be bad. I had one give out at just 6 months old and replaced under store warranty.