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 #395836  by rustybronco
I had to unbolt the brackets in order to remove the drier. Plus you can see the lines condition under the brackets. YMMV as always.
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 #395842  by Stevelaz
Ok, i got the compressor in and the manifold on without disconnecting the 2 lines on top, it was a piece of cake. However, i was wondering if i should disconnect them and replace the o rings since i have new ones? Or just leave well enough alone since there are no signs of leakage there? What you guys think?

Now i have to tackle the dryer. Im considering just leaving it alone. since im not replacing anything else is it worth the effort? Thanks
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 #395843  by M-Pressive
The driver should be replaced.

Going back in is going to suck if the system doesn’t work correctly. I tried to not do it and ending having to pull the refrigerant back out which wasted $30.

Seems foolish when it is required to be honest. Most compressors are not warrantied if you skip it.

Has to be a reason.

Pull the air out of the system when done. If it holds I would
Leave the rings alone. If it leaks I would start there.
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 #395844  by Stevelaz
Ok, I replaced the dryer. A bit of a pain but not as bad as i thought!
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 #395845  by LUNAT1C
Replace o-rings only if the connection was disturbed at all. I would treat it the same way we treat fuel injectors.

Been there, done that, both counts. :oops: