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Discussions about the new Chrysler Crossfire

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 #41614  by 300M clown
Hey guys, I have not posted in a while and just wanted to update ya with some more Crossfire pics. I stopped by my dealer and they had 3 crossfires... a black and two white. I wanted to say that this car is AWESOME. Everything from the build quality to the sound system. The sound system has PLENTY of BASS and crisp clear mids. Check out the pics I took here:<!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href=" ... Crossfire/" target="top"> ... <!--EZCODE LINK END-->
 #41615  by 67Barracuda
Looks great in black and terrible in white, IMO. Thanks for the different pics than we get from the press releases!
 #41616  by 99300mricva
I saw a Blue/Silver colored Crossfire at my dealer this morning. Pretty car. A little tight for a 6 foot 1" tall guy like me, my head touches the headliner with the seat adjusted all the way back and down. The steering wheel only telescopes, no tilt, but seems ok. With the door closed I'm like a glove, hugged by the door on one side and a console on the other. Not designed for bigger guys really. Salesman said it's quiet and fast, you don't hear much from the Mercedes drivetrain. Rearview in the mirror looks small too.Sticker was $35K + $5K Adjusted Market Value. Salesman told me they were going easy on customers as he knew of one selling in Virginia Beach for $100K sight unseen. Yeah right, whatever. <img border=0 src="" />
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 #41617  by LazyFox
Well I know it's a sports car, but I'm not impressed by the look of the interior, looks cheapish to me. But maybe it looks different in real than on photographs.
 #41618  by 300M clown
One thing that I noticed was how GOOD the interior looks.... IMO it looks better than a 300M interior especially with the european style hazard light button location and the "switch" type buttons.... the infiniti stereo face plate is NICE... the volume button is smooth and soft... and the all around design is VERY futuristic and clean... one thing that I did not like was the tuning of the radio... you would have to try yourself to see what i mean... they tried a new "seek" method and it was not working for me.... The car MUST be equipped with subwoofers or some high power speakers because the bass is AWESOME.... another thing i noticed was how SOLID the design of the interior is.... with the bass pumped and the volume up u will find NO rattles or any sign of distortion... (A HUGE LEAP FROM THE 300M).... All in all i think this car is a BIG step for chrysler.... all we can do is hope their future cars will stay with these guidelines.... FAST, RELIABLE, STYLISH, SOLID, AND SAFE... and YES the car looks great in person... especially from the behind! :behind
 #41619  by ChryslerDude
The reason the interior is so nice is because it's exactly the same as the SLK. Except for different gauges and radio it's the same damn thing and that pisses me off.
 #41620  by 300M clown
whoa.... calm down there chryslerdude... yes the crossfire has the same concept of design as the slk but IMO chrysler adds a MUCH more sporty look to it... it is not a dull looking wood piece that some SLK's have. This is one of the most user friendly setup's i have seen with such a good look. Why does it piss you off?