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 #70428  by 99300mricva
Ok what's the plan for hotel rooms this year. I asked Timbo to take care of this for us. I know the guys have some rooms and they have a sharing list going. There are only 10 rooms, so I figure we need our own. What's the plan?

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 #70430  by vegas
just registered, under "300M Enthusiasts Club"

I plan to stay at the army base Inn this year, 20 some bucks a night.

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 #70516  by jaysour
Oh how I want to make it this year again, a little one on the way prevents that. Perhaps 2006 or 2007!!!

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 #70553  by kumiyer
OK, I think I might register for this event, that is if there is still a spot available. Just curious how many members from this club will be going?? Can you guys please reply to this post, so I know that I will have some familiar people when I go down to PA. I just dont want to be alone for 3 days, would rather hang out with the club members. Also has anybody managed to find a good deal on a hotel room. I think it would be great if all the club members live in the same hotel. Probably get a group discount!!

 #70557  by 99300mricva
Don't worry Kumar, there will be a lot of us there. It's the biggest meet of the year usually.

I also registered under "300M Enthusiasts Club". Everyone be sure to put that phase exactly in the club box when they register.

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 #70561  by kumiyer
Great, Just registered under 300M Enthusiasts Club. Now I have to shop for a good hotel deal

 #70562  by 99300mricva
You can do that, or wait until we get a group deal for those going from the club. We do that each year and are in the progress of doing that in the next week or two.

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 #70565  by kumiyer
Oh Kool, I would rather wait and get a group discount. That would be great.

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 #70588  by 300DMAC
I'm in again this year. I just registered with Carlisle. It was a great event last year and I'm sure it will be again.

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 #70590  by vegas
I said I would be staying at the Carlisle Army Barracks/Hotel, but as it turns out, this year for the month of June, July, and August they are not reserving rooms until 3 days before you need the room to support possible operations/relocation and billeting of active personnel on Official Government travel orders, and I dont think I want to make my plans that "loosely", so I WILL need a room that friday and saturday nights, just in case someone starts blocking us out rooms, one is mine!
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 #70938  by Timbo
Just wanted to give you guys an Update on the Hotel. looks like we will be staying at Best Western Capital Plaza. This is the same hotel that is staying at. The hotels in Carlisle where to expensive. Now I haven't gotten everything locked up yet. But that should be done within a few days. Once I get that Info I let you know.

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 #70966  by kumiyer
Hey Tim, thanks for looking around for the hotel stay. Do you know how much the guys are paying for their hotel room??

 #71067  by Bimmer_2002
I registered today!! For any infos about the hotel, go check here: ... hp?t=47519 That's for the members.

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 #72462  by Timbo
Please refer to this thread for Carlisle Info.

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