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 #95169  by geezer300M
Members: We are working with SteveQ in Kansas City for a National 300M Meet next September. Since KC is in the center of the USA it offers an opportunity for more members to attend.
Details will follow in the coming months. We hope everyone within driving distance will attend. Please give it some thought as we want to make this one the biggest ever.
More later,
Rick Stilp

 #95170  by geezer300M
Well, the poll didn't come out right, that's an omen! Can someone add the " I'm interested" vote to the poll? It's not working for me.

 #95204  by maximman
i believe this is the club's 5th year and i think it would be a great idea if it can be pulled off. i'm interested but in the past everytime this idea has been proposed it has died on the vine.

i'm not trying to be negative but given that carlisle is in pa, and given its proximity to de, va, ny, nj, oh, you'd think we'd get a better turnout.

that said oh might be a better choice for the people that do meet. there has been some success getting people together in il. oh is more centrally located to the people who do travel. if ca members won't travel inside their state or to nv for events they're sure not going to travel to mo.

another thing that you might want to consider would be family or other types of events that we can do.

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 #95214  by kumiyer
I have been waiting for a meet in the midwest - anyway I am very much interested.

 #95222  by 99300mricva
As far as I'm concerned, Carlisle is as close as we get to an annual National meet. We get folks from a far away as Canada and Illinois each year, which covers a good part of the country, at least east of the Mississippi anyway. Unfortunately, we have been unable to get a meet worked out in the center of the country or repeat the Detroit "national meet" of 2002.

To me KC is too away, so I voted not interested. Perhaps we need regional national meets. At least one major meet locale on each side of the Mississippi, perhaps more pending member interest and participation. With that, the East Coast is covered in my opinion by Carlisle. If you can get members to come, maybe KC or Vegas or whereever could become the other.

Besides member participation, which is a must (hint hint for those reading this out west), a good location and an event to backdrop the meet makes all the difference. With Carlisle, you have the Hershey Captial Region as a very popular vacation spot and you have one of the finest car show gatherings in the country. The Detroit meets have had a similar result, with the Dream Cruise/Auburn Hills tour, and Brampton meets with the plant tours. Although turnout last year was lower than expected, it was these backdrop events that got those that did come.

 #95238  by maximman
i agree with rob.

it'll be interesting to see what kind of response you get to this post which doesn't require any effort. take 10-15% of the yes participants and you may be close to the number who will actually make an honest effort to attend.

 #95239  by tinman
KC is probably too far away for Florida members. Ohio is a strong possibility - easy drive in one day (13 hrs to Columbus).

 #95243  by geezer300M
I'm holdig out for KC. It's a 10-11 hour trip for me and I don't have a problem with that as long as I'm in my M.
I've done the Dream Cruise/Brampton and could not make the Asheville Meet due to a death in the family but I'm definitely waiting to see how this turns out. Time will tell. We will not have a meet with 5-6 cars. If there are 15-20 then it's a plan.
By the way, all meets are for the family and there will be functions set up for all attendees. Personnally, I'm not interested in racing being that far away from my mechanic. I'm looking at local entertainment, good food, good drinks, comraderie, car show, awards and whatever comes up. I'm sure Steve will provide us with many options.
I realize that this meet may be too far for some to travel but, there are a lot of members that might give it a try from in between the 2 coasts.
So, like the poll says, I'm interested, I'm not interested, Don't know yet. If there's enough interest, Steve and I will make it happen!

 #95257  by BigMike60
"Goin to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come. Goin to..." As long as it is after Labor Day weekend which I spend at the Corvette Museum helping out with their annual Anniversary event.

I will not be coordinating a 300M event at Woodward this summer [the 3rd weekend in Aug each year] so, without the stress of doing that, I could probably make it for some KC ribs. 8)
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 #95273  by SteveQinKC
It is geographically the center of the country
Full Fledged Casinos (Harrahs, Ameristar, Argosy, etc)
Reasonable room rates
Worlds of Fun Amusement Park
Oceans of Fun Water Park
KC Royals Baseball
Kansas Speedway (NASCAR Track)
The Plaza - Famous Spanish Architecture upscale shopping area
Nelson Art Gallery
Kemper Museum of Modern Art

For the History Buffs -
Harry S Truman Library, Home, Courthouse, etc
Lewis and Clark Trail
Civil War Historical Sites
KC Blues Museum
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

 #95291  by op913chad
Steve, you left out westport for all our party people who need that bar district!!!

Find me there.

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 #96386  by beespecial
I'm interested. I don't think I could get the wife interested in a "car gathering" but I certainly like to meet with some fellow M'ers and knock back a couple of brews.

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 #96401  by Carfan77
Tell your wife that wives coming along is a big plus and we encourage them to come along. She has a personal invitation to the meet from the President! (How can she refuse that!?!)

Seriously, most spouses, S.O.'s and even kids that come along really enjoy themselves. We all come for the people more than the cars. Lots of wives have become good friends among themselves, and fit right in to our activities. It really makes for a better time, IMO. It's not all car stuff - for instance last year in NC we went to Biltmore and toured it, had a couple of nice dinners, had a cookout, and went to a casino, all family friendly activities (well, the casino wasn't for kids, but the wives managed to lose plenty of money... :lol: ). Car stuff was some good rides, and show-n-shine, which is a good socializing time.

Not to mention that we have female members of the Club who attend meets. I know how I'd feel if I was the only guy at a Club meet with all women (lucky as hell... 8) :lol: 8) ) Sorry Cherie, what I actually meant was it'd be cooler if other guys were there too. :oops: :)

Even Carlisle, a veritable sea of cars, is better with the better halfs. Lots of social time, plenty to do in the area (e.g. Lancaster) and the staggering amount and variety of cars makes everybody smile. Some even enjoyed the drag racing!

Ocean City too - shopping, mini-golf, the Boardwalk and a craft show were some non-car activities available.

This meet, if we can successfully pull it off, will need multiple activities to attract lots of people and their families, and we strongly encourage them all to come and enjoy.

 #96407  by Shadowvox6
I have been pushing for this for 2 years...with seemingly little interest.
I would like to offer my help with any plans that need to be done. Having attended a national event (Grand Prix Gathering '02) I had some insight into the planning, and execution of the event.

I think we can have a kick (CENSORED) event.
Instead of KC, perhaps St. Louis, or somewhere else in that region.

Rick, please drop me a line, and lemme know how I can help.

 #96427  by sdmike300m
Instead of the center of the country, how about the center of the highest concentration of M owners? That just might look like Carlisle.

I've organized a SoCal meet and have driven to Vegas. Both were like pulling teeth for the organizers to get more than 10 cars to show up.

 #96439  by geezer300M
I just sent you a PM.

I picked KC so you wouldn't have so far to drive leading your carvan of SC members and picking up the Nevada, Arizona and Colorado folks along the way.

 #96508  by dclabs
Anywhere in the above stated areas are a drive for me. I'm from Canada and would be prepared to drive a distance as it is! For me 12 hours is nothing, we visit Florida twice a year and that's 23 hours, it's beginning to be a snooze of a drive.

I voted interested.

 #96551  by geezer300M
Cool, DC, Look forward to meeting you!
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 #96667  by SteveQinKC
We have over 1000 members but only 23 votes in the poll? Surely there is more interest than this. Maybe we need to do something to publicize it better. Maybe a sidebar on the main webpage floating the national meet idea or include some discussion of the idea in the presidents message???


 #96673  by geezer300M
Let's give it a few more weeks. It's still a long way off. Your idea is a good one. I think after the new officers are installed and get resettled, we'll promote this meet with their assistance.
I like the way you think, though! lol
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