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 #98697  by Mr. D
 February 23rd, 2006, 1:18 pm
Don't have my calender in front of me, but living in Nebraska most meets are out of range for me with time constraints, etc. K.C. is less than 4hrs. for me. Have never been to a meet, but sounds like this would be a good possibility for me to try one. For the moment I am a yes vote. Go to K.C. quite often and yes, there is plenty to do for everyone. Sounds like there may be a few members who don't mind a good cold brew, I could go for that. Can't beat the ribs and steaks in the Midwest. Who knows, if I like it, maybe I'll head out East someday to try out the seafood.

 #98705  by geezer300M
 February 23rd, 2006, 4:46 pm
Mr D;
We look forward to meeting you. Good Steak, Good Beer; what more could you ask for? Looks like we'll have a good turnout and it's still 7 months off.

 #98755  by Almond300mMD
 February 24th, 2006, 2:54 pm
I would definitely come. The wife and kid would come with me. I think you need to do something to get some more attention from other members, I have been here since November and never noticed this thread until today! Also, what about us guys that don't drink? Have to throw back a root beer? :D

 #98757  by geezer300M
 February 24th, 2006, 3:27 pm
There will be more advertising as time passes, don't know how you missed the post, there's been a poll for quite a while. Hope you plan on coming because Root Beer is MY 2nd choice!
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 #99252  by SteveQinKC
 February 28th, 2006, 10:03 pm
Hi all:

I'm still in an information gathering mode regarding hotels to host our meet but I think I may already have a winner.

The Clarion Hotel-Sports Complex quoted me a $69 rate even though the KC Royals are in town that weekend (of course, by September, they'll probably be 20 games behind the division leader!). The link to their site is
and I just tried punching in our dates and got a $63 "Internet Guaranteed Lowest Rate" without any special group codes.

When it opened in 1975, this hotel was the "Sheraton Royal" and was "the" place to stay near the sports complex. It then became an Adams Mark and then last year it changed to a Clarion. The new owners are already in the process of a major update that will be completed in late July or early August of 2006. The website has pictures so you can see it is a nice place.

Being a hotel versus a motel, it has restaurants and bars on-site as well as an indoor pool (outdoor pool closes after labor day). Its across the street from the Harry S Truman Sports Complex and our twin stadiums (Kaufmann Stadium-KC Royals and Arrowhead-KC Chiefs).

If you follow the link above, the information includes a list of local attractions and the distances to each. Don't worry, there are 2 of our infamous KC BBQ places within 2 miles of the hotel for those urgent cravings!

I may find something even better, although doubtful, so its too early to book your reservations. At least it gives you an idea of what we are working on and a basis for comparison as I continue my research!

 #99315  by geezer300M
 March 1st, 2006, 9:39 am
Great job Steve! " I love it when a plan comes together"!!!!
That looks like a good home base.
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 #99329  by Mr. D
 March 1st, 2006, 11:42 am
What is the typical number of days for a meet like this? I may have to turn in some vacation if I plan to go. Also with the caravan idea it would be fun to join in with the group, but depends on what day the majority of members from the "West" would be coming through and their route. I realize these would be details to work out, but mainly wondering about the days.

 #99336  by geezer300M
 March 1st, 2006, 12:44 pm
Normally, most people arrive mid-late afternoon on Friday. Activities all day Saturday and most leave anytime Sunday, depending on their length of drive home.
We will have a greeting party at the hotel with food & beverage late Friday afternoon.

Steve, Chad & I are working on Sat. & Sun. activities as I write this.

I plan to be at the hotel late on Thursday so we can tie up loose ends and be ready for the influx of guests. (influx; I like that!).


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 #99533  by Gorm
 March 3rd, 2006, 7:49 am
2 words. Jack Stack! :D


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 #99549  by Mr. D
 March 3rd, 2006, 1:43 pm
Been there, done that!! I thought KC Masterpiece was hard to beat, but Jack Stack might have even better Ribs. Drooling already.

 #99551  by op913chad
 March 3rd, 2006, 2:54 pm
There is plenty of better BBQ joints then both those.
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 #99552  by SteveQinKC
 March 3rd, 2006, 3:19 pm
Yes, you guys are all right, KC has the best BBQ in the country and everybody has a personal favorite.

Actually Jack Stack and KC Masterpiece are considered second rung behind Gates, Bryant's and LC's by the Official BBQ Community.

Assuming we end up based at the Clarion, you'll be in close proximity (1.5 - 3 miles) to both Gates and LC's. If you visit the Ameristar Casino while you're here, you'll also find a Bryant's inside their facility (saving you a trip to their original location that isn't always the safest neighborhood). KC Masterpiece and Jack Stack and another viable contender, Hayword's BBQ, are little further away but all are worth the drive.

Being the BBQ Capital of the world, there are about 200 others as well. Come hungry and with a lot of Pepto Bizmol if you want to try them all as the portions are big and the sauces are usually spicy with chili powder and cayenne pepper.

You can learn more about KC, including the restaurants, here:

See you all in Kansas City!!!

 #99558  by op913chad
 March 3rd, 2006, 3:56 pm
I second Steve. The best BBQ lays deep in the worst neighborhoods so bring a big caravan. hah

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 #99579  by D76G12
 March 3rd, 2006, 9:38 pm
Hey, I'm all for it! I've been to a couple of "parties" at the Adam's Mark/Clarion and it's a great place to assemble. My personal fave is Gates but LC's burnt ends are to die for - again, not the best neighborhood in KC but certainly the best BBQ. If you don't want beer (and it's not always the best option) at Gates I like ordering strawberry soda with the BBQ. If you're really into the "IN" places then Bryant's is No.1 - several Presidents have dined there on their KC stops - but I still prefer Gates. Jack's Stack or the original Smoke House (Jack is one of their sons) is pretty good too ...

As a side note - if the date is still a general date then I would suggest nosing in on the HPAC meet that month, which is on Sept. 16th. We hold it in Overland Park at Backyard Burgers (Old Fashioned "drive-in" food w/out the car hops), which is a 25-30 Min. drive from the Clarion - but IMO it's worth it. HPAC is a Mopar only club, which includes AMC - Muscle Cars are the norm and a Superbird is not uncommon. Our Pres. owns a white one but sometimes he drives his 'Lil Red Truck instead. There are lots of newer cars there, too - 80's Chargers, PT Cruisers, and my R/T are just some of the newer vehicles there. An invasion of LH (and particularly 300M's) would be a hell'ava sight ... ;)

 #99612  by geezer300M
 March 4th, 2006, 11:46 am
The HPAC Meet sounds like the 300M Club needs to be there on Sat. Sept. 16. I will call Dick Drake and get some details.
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