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 #111015  by windowpane
It would be publicity for the club and for them presenting an award/check at a car show. I've never been so I don't know what kind of circus Kumiyer might be in for if they do it at Carlisle!

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 #111016  by kumiyer
Ryan from Carster wrote:Wow, that looks like a big event. I would love to make it out to this. So it looks like it starts July 7th. Do you know a better schedule of what events or things you will be attending at this show? I am planning everything for me to come out there and want to see if there will be some good events on Friday to see. Also, where do you recommend flying into. I will be flying in, renting a car and also getting a hotel so please let me know what your best recommendations are for these. Also, when would be a good time to call you tomorrow? Sorry for my slow response, but I am in the middle of a move and am working off a satellite internet connection.
I have replied to him with all the schedule. Hotel Info, events, etc.
I forgot to ask him, how he was gonna bring the huge check to carlisle. He's flying.
Well, the small check is good enough I guess :)

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 #111019  by Red Baron
The website says he will present it to you on the 7th

That is Friday right? Saturday would be better but no matter. Remember we will be leaving for Maple Grove from about 2:00 PM

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 #111020  by EasyRider300M
email him back and tell him you're going drag racing Friday afternoon and it would be best for the presentation to be on Saturday at noon on the Carlisle showfield. I may not be able to be on the showfield till Saturday myself as I may be going to Atlantic City (unless the Casinos are shutdown due to budget problems NJ is having.) Tell him he can join us for dinner on Saturday night if he wishes. That way he can see what our club is all about and maybe he'll do a writeup about "This Thing of Ours."

This is shaping up to be an event not to be missed. Glad I'm gonna be there to join in the celebration.

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 #111025  by Red Baron
He and I have been on the phone today

He will be made aware of all schedule issues

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 #111034  by kumiyer
Sweet. Thanks Don for your e-mail and phone conversation with Ryan.

Did, you get a chance to ask him if they will give me one of those big checks as well. I wanna frame it and put it at my work. :lol:

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 #111037  by 02SpecialM
That's awesome Kumiyer. Congratulations on your win. I hope somebody gets pictures that can be put on the forum for those of us not able to attend Carlisle.

Again Congratulations.


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 #111039  by EasyRider300M
Don't worry ---there will be loads of pics for all to see. Except for when we're all drunk and partying back at the hotel. :fart

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 #111055  by velobard
EasyRider300M wrote:Don't worry ---there will be loads of pics for all to see. Except for when we're all drunk and partying back at the hotel. :fart
In other words, what happens in Carlisle, stays in Carlisle, right?

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 #111062  by mnitetrain
Except for Chicago you basicly hav it right.

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 #111112  by EasyRider300M
Kumiyer--make sure that Carster rep is bringing that gigantic check. Even if he has to cut it into 3 pieces to get it on the plane and then tape it back together at Carlisle, we want to see that check on your car at Carlisle. :lol:

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 #111186  by kumiyer
Ryan said he was gonna call me, but he did not. Don - did he call you. I hope everything has been finalized and his trip is confirmed.

Not sure about my big check :cry:

 #111212  by Antigini
Now we need to choose someone else to win that big check!

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 #111215  by mnitetrain
I already voted for May Blue Knight and would love to see Ryan aka Sneke_eyez nominated ( he might be old enough now!!)

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 #111711  by kumiyer
Thanks everone who voted for me. This time we have to show our support and vote for EZ. He has spent lots of time towards 300M Club and Carster. Vote for him every week. Soon we will have 2 300M winners from carster. We can make it happen.

:lol: :lol: VOTE FOR EZ :lol: :lol:

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 #111716  by EasyRider300M
I didn't really plan on campaigning for myself. And that Civic hottie is getting a lot of votes mostly for her (not her car's) body. So it would be tough unless I could get those Hooter girls to model by my car :shock: I would need to add some more pics to my page too.

But with the power of this club, it's possible. If I win, I will donate $200 total to be used at the next two club meets to entertain the troops. I would need a campaign manager though.


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 #111717  by kumiyer
I could be your campaign manager. Just not sure if I can campaign as hard as you did for me. But I will try. We as a club can make this happen.

Get a nice sig banner. Invite new people to be your buddies, send them e-mail, poke their nose until they vote for you. You know the drill :lol:

:lol: :lol: VOTE FOR EZ :lol: :lol:

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 #111720  by EasyRider300M
we can give it a shot---but I don't look as good in a bikini as that Civic babe.

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 #111721  by kumiyer
photoshop anyone??? Some hot girls next to EZ's car

 #111724  by bugoy99
I just cast my vote for EZ and the Blue Knight.
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