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 #111728  by Shadowvox6
I don't think we need to photoshop a pic....
Just use the Hooters pic you had taken!!
Should help the cause out!!

Lets get on board with this.....
Let's see if we can have at least 2 300M owners be Carster winners!!!
Kumar first...EZ second....perhaps myself third...or someone else more worthy!!! We all have nice cars...let's load up the ballot box so we all win!!!!

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 #111873  by kumiyer
I have this banner posted on my carster personal profile page and car profile page. I am getting lots of traffic - I am sure you will be getting lots of votes.

EDIT: Also posted this banner in all the carster clubs I belong to

:headbang :headbang :headbang VOTE FOR EZ :headbang :headbang :headbang

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 #111879  by EasyRider300M
Thanks Kumiyer--I wasn't planning on campaigning but now that you started it and are backing me, we'll give it a shot.

I will give $200 total for use in entertaining the troops at the next 2 club meets if I win. So shoot me some votes and let's keep the 300M club #1 at Carster. I had a late start so we really needs some support.


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 #111880  by kumiyer
Come on Guys - $200 towards the club. Thats a great donation. We should support EZ and make him the next carster of the month. He has contributed a lot to this club. He deserves this win. Lets vote for EZ

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 #111973  by EasyRider300M
ok Guys--I got like 64 votes and am in 3rd place. The Legend dude has 102 votes. He got like 15 at like 11 pm last night--his friends are supporting him.

If all the members here can convince one or two friends to join Carster and to throw me one vote per week , I could trounce that Legend dude. I just got 8 votes in the last half hour so support is growing.

Remember $200 will be donated toward a party celebration at the next 2 club meets whether I'm there or not.

Doesn't this pic of the Legend Dude make you angry.Look at him stickin his tongue out at us. Do we want this immature doofus to beat out a 300M? I say NO WAY!


Let's keep the 300M club at the top of the heap. Let's blow the doors off that Legend dude and that Honda Civic Babe.

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 #111974  by kumiyer
EZ - You just got bunch of votes. Good JOB

:beammeup :beammeup VOTE FOR EZ :beammeup :beammeup

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 #111977  by EasyRider300M
Kumiyer got the check---I got the girls
Now Kumiyer can have the girls and I'll take the check :lol:


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 #111982  by EasyRider300M
I need a few more members here to join up at Carster. I need 5 referrals to be eligible for the contest. So please PM me with your email address so I can send you an invite and get credit.

You just need to upload a pic of yourself and then a pic of your car for it to count.

EZ............3rd place in Carster of the Month and "movin on UP"

click on link below and check out my new pic with da Hooter Girls :downboy

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 #112037  by kumiyer

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 #112044  by EasyRider300M
Even the church is supporting me in my quest for Carster of the Month. With club support this is doable. I need 40 more votes to be in 1st place. I'm presently in 3rd place. Remember you can revote each week.

I will donate $200 toward partying at the next two club meets if I win. :lol:

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 #112200  by kumiyer
EZ, you have a PM with 5 of my friends e-mail. invite them from your carster account.

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 #112201  by kumiyer
:beammeup .................................. :beammeup
Last Day today for Carster of the week - VOTE for EZ

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 #112203  by EasyRider300M
thanks kumiyer---the best campaign manager I could have......

with club support and everyone revoting for me each week (week starts on Sunday) I can take this thang.

thanks everyone

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 #112215  by EasyRider300M
I just need 10 more votes today to make Carster of the Week. And I need continued suport for the next 2 weeks to make CArster of the month. So if anyone hasn't signed up at carster yet, please consider joining. It's a fun site--I like it better than car domain. It has separate club pages and friend lists.

Please vote once each week for EZ @

I will donate $200 for the partying at the next two club meets if I win.

thanks for your support

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 #112246  by M-Pressive
EZ has my support, if possible could you use one of your votes for me.

I don't have a 300M anymore but my LS could use your support.


Link To Vote---- ... ar_id=2161

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 #112249  by kumiyer
EZ is #1 for the week. Thanks for your continued support. Lets keep him on the #1 spot. We will have to make him the next carster of the month. The $200 towards club party sounds amazing, doesn't it??????

8) 8) Its a new week - VOTE FOR EZ - click on my sig 8) 8)

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 #112250  by kumiyer
keith - you got a PM

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 #112259  by EasyRider300M
yeh--I vaulted into 1st place as it's a new week and I have the club's support. We really didnt start campaigning till Monday night last week after I got back from Carlisle. So this week I hope we can do even better.

Thanks to all here for your continued support.

Hey Kumiyer--one of your friends tells me he works at a Hooters. Maybe he can bring them to the next club meet for more pics :lol:

Big bash at the next 2 club meets if I win! :cheers

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 #112301  by kumiyer
Oh man, this is getting out of hand. I will ask my friend to give me the Hooter dress - you can wear that and take a picture !!!! :lol:
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