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 #123752  by kumiyer
Message from R0meo021
=========================A few months ago I made Skyler's Cadillac Escalade Power Wheels a page. Last night I decided to ask people to vote for him for Carster of the Month. He went from NOTHING to second place OVERNIGHT!! If he wins, he will get 1000 dollars. I SWEAR he will get to spend the money on ANYTHING he wants! Anyone that knows me, KNOWS this is true. Here are the links! If you dont have an account, it only takes 5 minutes to setup and its 100% FREE!Copy an paste this into your address bar and hit ENTER ... _id=1276If you dont have a carster account, get one NOW... Read the cars page and VOTE. He is currently in second place.Thanks everyone!<a href=" ... 276">Click Here to see it and VOTE! </a>



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 #123792  by EasyRider300M
I voted for him already. I hope he wins---that would be a hoot having Ryan come out to present the check to his son. I think there may be an age restriction though for contest winners. Maybe Romeo should say he and his son own the car together so at least they can present the check to Romeo.

Giving $1000 to an 8 year old to spend on whatever he wants could be dangerous. :building

 #123826  by r0meo021
lol, you guys are crazy... He is 6(7 in feb) and TECHNICALLY it does belong to me :) but he will get to spend it. i might get him to spend at least 250 on the escalade and the rest I BET will go to TOYS! The check would go to me, legally, but we all know it would be his.

 #123827  by r0meo021
BTW, i added a video to the page. I'm waiting for him to get home from his mothers house to take some NEW pics... any ideas, let me know!!

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 #123833  by EasyRider300M
show him washing his car---have a hose on the ground and show him sponging it down.

then how bout a pic of him and his little girlfriend sitting in the car. And maybe another one of his girlfriend modeling next to it :lol:

maybe another one taken on a nice beach with him driving it

and another photo of his car with one wheel on a big rock

by the way, that video is not too clear---did you take it with a cellphone camera?

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 #123834  by EasyRider300M
he's in first place--with a Mazda Miata right behind him--but he's got the momentum and lots of backing ----should be a cinch--keep updating his page, enter showdowns, make a blog, and keep his car on the updated car list on the carster home page by slightly modifying his car description frequently.

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 #123836  by kumiyer
EZ, I am gonna make the escalade the featured member @ American Tuners.... Instead of the slide show, I am gonna put the escalade video where he's spinning them tires...hehehehe

 #123842  by r0meo021
yep its a cell camera... i am posting a new one now! woo hoo, check out the new pics too!

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 #123847  by kumiyer
you guys gotta check out Skyler's ride. EZ - skyler now has a picture of him washing the car and even girls modeling next to his car...hehehe

Check out the new featured member of American Tuners Club - Skyler

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 #123848  by EasyRider300M
Now that's much better on the video--like the music too--"little bitty car" :lol

didn't he make you a bit nervous when he almost hit your car--whew that was close---looks like a future reckless driver to me---better teach him the rules of the road

and at the end it looked like he was going into that bush

make sure you alll vote for his challenges as well as for his car---he's kicking (CENSORED) in most of his challenges---he even beat my 2000 300M a few weeks ago..

 #123849  by r0meo021
its actually his sister... lol

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 #123850  by kumiyer
lol - fixed my earlier post...

 #123856  by r0meo021
HOLY CRAP!! i think i hold a new record for Showdown Challenges! look at the page! Dont forget to VOTE!

 #123857  by r0meo021

 #123861  by r0meo021
this too

 #123864  by Antigini
You have my vote....and the votes of a couple other accounts. :fro

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 #123865  by EasyRider300M
just tell everyone it's one of those new fangled gas-saving environmentally friendly vehicles. Just because it's a small truck doesn't mean it shouldn't be qualified. It just happens to be a truck for small people. Just don't take it to the drag strip. :lol:

 #123938  by r0meo021
PLEASE vote or him, We are getting HATE MAIL!

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 #123943  by EasyRider300M
I sent Rice Police a piece of my mind. You ought to delete his post on your page. Like he should complain---he and his wife both won---there should be a limit of one winner per family.

It's truck that runs and moves people around---so it should qualify. You of course would have to accept the check and state that you own the truck but he gets to use it.

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 #123954  by kumiyer
just make sure that we still talk to rice police politely. He and his wife are admins of various car clubs- they can have their club members vote for our opponents...